Coastal Scent Loot


Here's my CoastalScents Loot. :)

i got these babies merely 2 weeks from the date of my order. :) sweet right?

here's the order and prices.. :)
shipping is way expensive but worth it!

freebie.. this is a lil more pink in person

the brushes (i forgot to include my pink kabuki)

pencil me in char-kohl

closer look. :)

char-kohl swatch

Let's start of with the Pink Brushes

pink brushes
L-R: Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler, Pink Angle Blush Brush,
Pink Blending Fluff Brush, Pink Angle Taklon Liner Brush

:) they are so soft!!
:| they are big
:| they kinda have that newly made scent (but it was tolerable for me, gone after i washed them)
:( they shed when i washed them (except for the blending brushes and liner brush :) ) and there were stains coming off from the black hair.

Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler: O.F. are nicely distributed, its soft and can rival my lumiere duo fiber optic brush. i love the look of it coz its pink. its long and has a good grip on it. its compact but i sheds a little while washing it. there were minor dents on the ferrule.

Pink Kabuki Brush: cute little princess! this pink kabuki is a true keeper for the kikay pinay! i love this brush! this was on the top of my list and i don't regret buyin this one. this is dyed by the way. though it sheds during washing, i didn't mind. i just hope that it won't shed anymore. i can't wait to bring this to my gimmicks. i'm a pink person and there is nothing like a pink kabuki for me.

Pink Blending Fluff Brush: I got two of these babies. boy, they are big! go super blending brushes! but oh so soft. :) i still don't know if they will work on my small eye work area but we'll see. :) i was just surprise how big they are. as you can see, MAC 217 nearly disappeared beside my CS blending brush. :) lol!

Pink Angled Blush Brush: I've been eyeing a nice angled brush since i spotted sculpt and shape in MAC. now, i have one! yahoo. :) although this baby had a little staining after washing.. i totally love this. i can't wait to practice contouring with this baby. :)

Pink Angled Taklon Liner Brush: another face. its not to small or big. its just the liner brush i'm looking for. i also love the handle coz it's not too thin. :) just the right liner for me. :)

NOW, the Black Brushes

Black-handled Brushes
L-R: Large paddle Face Brush (MAC 134 dupe), Crescent Fluff Shadow Brush, Flawless Face Angle Chisel Powder Brush, Chisel Detail Mini Brush

soft brushes! reviews are right when they say these brushes are not only cheap but soft. great for starting my collection. although some of this brushes did shed and has black stain coming off of it while washing. all the brushes are not scratchy.. its well worth what you paid for.

Large paddle Face Brush (MAC 134 dupe): this brush is humongous!!! it was so big. totally great as face brush for bigger coverage that'll make application speedy gonzales. did shed a few hair and there was some stain coming off. its fine. :) the unusual SMELL came off as well. i suggest not to use too much shampoo but a lot conditioning too. also make sure you dry them well and arrange the hairs in place. its not as soft as i would like it to be but its okay. :)

Flawless Face Angle Chisel Powder Brush: Phew! that was a mouthful. :) this brush is great for contouring and as powder brush. looks like the one popularly sold but isn't. this baby is soft but tends to get tikwas after washing. or did i put too much shampoo on my solution? hmmm..

Chisel Detail Mini Brush: a totally small defining brush in my opinion. this will go well on applying on lower lash line or even drawings on the face. can't wait to use this. :)

Crescent Fluff Shadow Brush: a little bigger than expected but i like it nevertheless. this baby is so unique, you gotta have it in your stash. this fits well on my lids during testing but i have yet to use this on a eye make-up application.


a lot of us has speculated whether the newly released pink brushes of CS is indeed the Charm Brushes sold by one of the Local MMU Seller here in PI. I only have my Charm Flattop Brush to compare.

Although they have clarified this, i am showing you that... NO, Charm is different from CS Pink Brushes.

1. Handles are different. Charm has patent finish, CS a Glossy finish
2. Ferrules are different. Charm has a shiny silver one, CS has a matte silver one.
3. Ferrule marks are different. Charm has a closer marks while CS has bigger gap, slanted (not all brushes are like this).

so what's the verdict?
I love all my brushes but i'm not thoroughly satisfied on how it was made. But for the prices i really can't complain. for all this brushes, i only paid for P2000 (give or take, no shipping).

will i buy more?
probably, but just the eye brushes since those are nicely made. the bigger brush? i will probably save for MAC or Suesh instead... :( but i'm okay with my angle brushes since those where my main buy and the blending brushes.

i will post more reviews along the way as i use my brushes.


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  1. Now that's a lot of brushes! Thanks for commenting on that entry. Is it okay if I get your mailing address? I'd like to send the two liptints to you so I can get a feedback if they're any good. :)

  2. Hey sis! WOW! YOu've got brushes!!! and they're PINK!!!!!! *salivating* gosh gosh gosh !SSooo cute, and your brush holder is AWESOME!!!! :D

  3. vi anne, thanks!! would love to try out your creations. i messaged you using bloglog. :)

    nikki, i've got a lot of brushes na but i'm still saving for suesh. enabler ka kasi. lol. the pink handles are a nice touch. :)

  4. Sis Shen!!! ME??? Enabler?? mean mean mean !I AM NOT! hahhaha Pero maganda talaga Suesh brushes! heheheh :) Anyways..will wait for your update :D

  5. hehehe! :) Good enabler naman. always tell my mom nga "at least di ito drugs" when she tells me i waste too much on MU's.

    but the thing is lang, she uses them too! she tell me naman "technically, young lady, that's mine since you used my money to buy those." o di ba? great debater?

    love yah sis! peace! lol!

  6. hahaha your mom is sooo cool! my mom is cool but doesn't wear make up. Since I'm married, my mom in law isn't into make up din, so hirap din! hahahha But good thing they're all understanding and supports my dream. Lalo na officemates ko! they are super nice and willingly let me paint their faces.

    YUP! GO GO GO! BUY SUESH brushes! hahahah how'syour 50php a day going? hehehen

  7. now that is a LOOOOT of kikay stuff!

    *sniff* this reminds me that I haven't gone shopping for a while.

  8. ooooh pink kabuki! gorgeous noh?! mine still sheds when washed or used but it's cheap so can't complain much. but it's a must for travel! very handy and uber cute!

  9. it truly is sis. :) love this cutesy. :) oo nga it sheds.. kaya gotta get that 28pcs suesh brush! :)


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