shen goes shopping

i couldn't resist it! when i went to buy something for a friend today.. i couldn't stop myself from visiting my "suki" who sells tunic shirts, plain basic tops etc. i get it like 20% off here.
i have 2 3/4 long tops, and 2 tunics.
i'm addicted to shopping. and i'm so bad at saving.
but the surprise is, i got all of these for mere P720! that's $17, foreign guests. :)
the shirts definitely rival tops from popular local brands and even those abroad.
also, some of these will even sell at 300 to P600 each.
fine! fine! i'm not justifying my splurging... i'm just balancing my make-up and clothes.
i noticed i have new make-ups but barely have new clothes for the summer. :)

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  1. ohhh your kind of tops are MY kind of tops :) love it

  2. I like the pink and blue top. It's something I'd wear. Nice!

  3. awww.. cute tops. i like the blue&pink striped one the best. :-)

  4. they are all really really nice in person, they are just blah in the photo. the blue and pink is actually purple and pink.. hehehe! my cam is acting out with the lighting. but yah, it was the 1st buy out of the bunch. :) pretty colors kasi. :)

  5. nikki, pretty noh? no fuss tops. :)


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