Fendry Mineral Liptint (Product Review)

Vi-anne, a fellow beauty blogger, has given me the privilege of reviewing the mineral liptints that she has created. like me, what once just a hobby has turned into something more. I think we can all relate to this. Nessa has ventured into selling pigments and soon brushes, Mhean, a fellow MAC addict also does pre-orders while I, addicted to accessories became an entrepreneur. This simply shows, that the Kikay Pinay is not just a pretty face. :)

Many of us, esp in our ever changing hot and cold climate, suffers from chapped lips, windburn and what not. I told you how i have this bad habit of chipping off my dry lip skin coz it chaps a lot. this results not only to the destruction of my puckers but the taste of blood is just yucky.

Fendry, pronounced as Fendree, means Fend of Dryness (Cool, right?). This comes in two variants: Peach and Copper. :)

This product aims to provide us with a tinge of tint making your lips secured with the shade, as well as to protect and moisturize. since this is a mineral liptint, we are assured that it is free of chemicals or industrial ingredients.

what i love about Fendry?

1.) the shades are gorgeous.
the peach gives off that nude look but on top of any lipcolor, this baby rocks. can be used before lipstick as well.
the copper, the boyfie said looks beautiful on me. 'nuff said
2.) the product glides on to your lips. no "ngiwi" experience here. it has that silky feel. not sticky at. all
3.) the scent is berrylicious. i love it. i usually have this scent-sitivity that my i'd get a headache when i smell something i don't like. well, i didn't get it here.
4.) you just need to use a little and the colors will show
5.) the packaging is great. will give you the info you need, the ingredients are provided.
although the name of the shade is not written, the color of the ink will tell you what shade you're using.
6.) it's sealed! yup! so you'll know if your product was tampered with.
7.) the package was well packed. :) it didn't melt from the summer heat. lol!

did it fend of the dryness?


the kikay pinay gives FENDRY MINERAL LIPTINT...
5 kikay points!

this package made my day! :)

here they are tried by moi:

puckered up with copper puckered up with peach

me wearing copper me wearing peach

P.S. sorry Vi, i couldn't find anything wrong with the liptint. the bf couldn't find one too and he's metikuloso. :) look naman they look good on moi! hehehe!

*experience may vary depending on each pinay


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  1. You're review has made my night! Eeeep! Seriously my smile is from ear to ear. :) Thank you so much for the review! Eeeeep! I was feeling a bit sleepy (I can't sleep yet, need to finish articles. gah!) but this woke me up. :)

  2. thanks for the priv as well. :) it's a staple in my kit already. :)

  3. Aww, shucks. Making me blush. :)

  4. wow, i love the Peach hue. is it pinkish? am a sucker for pink lippie thingies hehe...

  5. yup! :) peachy-pinkish dating niya. nice siya with nude lippies

  6. Hi Sis,

    I don't think you know me, but I'm usually a lurker in GTalk.

    Anyway, I'm a sucker for lippies and you sold me on those haha. I have to admit they look good on your ;)

  7. thanks Crissy! :) get one yourself na rin. super nice siya. :) thanks for visiting and do come often. i'm looking forward to your blogs. :)

  8. the pink one is nice!! both shade looks good on you. its like a lippie-gloss no? =) By the way Im linking u to my blog ok? keep posting.

  9. thanks stylish mom! will link you too.. you've adorable angel/cherub looking boys!! sarap lamugin! :) i hope to have two boys and a girl when i get married or whenever God choose to give them to me. :) will link you back!

    btw, yup! they are lipgloss or lipbalm with just a tinge of color. but the copper can be worn alone if tamad to apply lipstick. :)

  10. I like the Copper shade better, I'm on the morena side kasi. Great review of the product.

    Badet of Pink Fortune

  11. thanks badet! :) i got hungry from your boracay posts! :)

  12. hi where or how can i buy it?want the shades..:) luscious here of gtalk.:)


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