Review: Hydra OPPIA 5in1 as Mixing Medium

Thank God for friends with great ideas. :)

I recently got to know about this through Connie, owner of Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. :) While i was at the bazaar @ Top Shelf, Boni High St. i saw her use Renu Solution 3 in 1 (used for contact lenses as mixing medium for her eyeshadows! i was like, "what? pwede yan as mixing medium?" she told me that it could be used as mixing medium instead of water or the home made mixing solution (which Jheng sadly is allergic to and having problems with). Since this is a type of humectant, this is an alternative to branded mixing mediums for savers like us.

So i tried it for myself. I got a similar formula but of a different brand. Cost me merely P140 ($4) for this bottle. you can get the smaller one though for a cheaper price.. this will last you a lifetime but it has an expiration of 3 months of date of opening the bottle. so better get a pen and write down the date on the bottle. :)

Why Kikay Pinay loves this product?
1. Because its cheap!! i'm a cheap-aholic!
2. its easy to use. it's got a dropper so no prob on spilling and too much spraying.
3. no need to mix glycerin and water every two weeks!!
4. it does the job!
5. if you wear contact lenses, this is a double duty product! :) what a save right?
6. no harsh reactions so far
to quote connie: if you can put straight into the eyes, then there isn't anything wrong using it on the lids

I used it today on my recreation of the honey brown look (jheng inspired me to repeat this look) and so far my eye makeup is still in place. and the gold (happy ending by she space) is still vibrant.

What Kikay Pinay doesn't love about this?
1. last only 3 months so buy the smaller ones if you don't wear contacts

I've been using this for nearly a week now and i really can't find anything drastically wrong with the product. honestly, it actually made my life easier. i just squeeze a drop on a small dish, put pigments there and its ready to apply. a drop can be used on both eyes too. :)

:) :) :) :) :)

i hope this helps you out, kikay pinays! :)

more reviews coming!! :)

much love,
Kikay Pinay

FAQ: Mixing Medium is often used in the process of Foiling, applying your eyeshadow wet. :)

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  1. Ooh, parang nice. Sabi rin ng mga girls sa ABB na pwede rin and Visine kasi safe sa mata. Haven't done foiling though. Tamad kasi.

  2. wow! i gotta have this too! currently im using visine as a medium for my mmu e/s so i can use them as an eyeliner but the color isnt that vibrant unlike when i use BE sealant. i havent tried visine to foil my eyeshadows talaga...i am thinking it will still crease on my eyes. kainis. i really wanted to foil my e/s pa naman. buti na lang our mmu e/s are vibrant even when applied dry. anyhoo, thanks for this recommendation shen!

  3. i haven't tired vaseline. i knoew about that and must have slipped my mind! dudz!!

    i think nothing compares to BE sealant talaga. another sealant i like is BareNatural's eye sealant. try lang foiling with the visine. i think its safe as long as you use it before expiration. :) buy the small one lang muna if you wanna try this. :)

    i agree about out mmu e/s. parang piggies siya. :)


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