I heart Beauty Poducts (I'm it!)

Seeing that my beauty blogger friends have been tagging each others randomly and generally... here i am sharing the same to you guys. I think this is a great way to know a beauty blogger better. :)

Tagged by Nikki and Jheng!!! Yahooo!!!
My Foundation: It used to be MAC StudioFix NC30. I still use it on night outs, but i i'm loving my Hazelnut Latte from Ellana and Warm Medium Light from BareNaturals

My Mascara: NEW CHEAP FIND!! The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara

My Blush: Happiness from Ellana, Prettiest Pinky- Peach from BareNaturals

My Eye Shadow: MMU (She space, MAD, Ellana, BN)

My Day Cream: Kate Jone's SunBlock Spf30

My Lipstick: MAC Brave and Skew, Been Caught Kissing from The She Space

My Beauty Product Brand: MMU, MAC and Elianto

My Essential Beauty Product: Emu Oil

My Favorite Makeup Product: Tough Question... LIPGLOSS!!!

My Perfume: D&G Light Blue, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, CK Euphoria, BBW Scents

My Nails: none in particular

My Feet & My Hands: Goat's milk lotion from Beauty Bar and Nivea Whitening Lotion

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Sunblock, Organic Soap, FEMININE WASH!!!

Woman I admire for their beauty: err... none in particular... HONEST!! i believe in individuality

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: Sarah Jessica Parker when dressed by Patty!!! OMG!! i don't know how she puts it together but dang it works!!

My Ultimate Dream (but I do not believe in selling my soul to the devil for it): to have my own COSMETIC COMPANY and Design Accessories, Bags and Shoes. Basically, to learn how to draw beautifully... i mean, putting my ideas into drawings. i want both and more... i'm dream-aholic!

How Do I Define Womanhood: Womanhood is strength and compassion embodied.

My Favorite Fashion Publication: Cosmopolitan (habit)


Best Primer (eye and face): UDPP and (still searching)

Best Lipgloss: Mac, Fendry and Ellana

TAGGING YOU ALL THERE!! :) don't be shy..

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  1. you don't have to tag urself as i tagged you! I tagged everyone I know in this blogosphere! hehehhe

    nice to know your HG products and products you used! :) Make-up addict! hahaha

  2. lol!! hehehe!! will edit! :) you naman such an paul&joe addict. :) i'll get into that once i win the lotto! :) lol!

  3. hihihi Paul & Joe and NYX addict hahaha wala lang nyx dito :) hehee

  4. aww... i wish we had the face shop here, kahit online lang. i refuse to buy any h/e mascara, i wanna try jpn drugstore ones. they deliver well so far for their price. sana me nivea whitening line din dito. my neck is ridiculously darker than my face and shoulders, it looks strange!

  5. aww.. i feel for you sis! there are products we love to try naman that isn't available here. :(

  6. i'm gonna do this too! (hehe gaya-gaya)
    i spot fendry! :D thank you nga pala sa comment dun sa post ko. really appreciate it.

  7. in search of another eye makeup primer? am curious about Too Faced Shadow Insurance eh, a lot says it's better if not comparable to UDPP!


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