repost: Leyende Face Canvas Review

Finally, after a grueling experience with air21 (again!), i got my Leyende Face Canvas.

I've read so much about it and even during their their first week i've been wanting one of this. Now, i have! :)

Leyende Face Canvas is a great primer for all you out there that have trouble with your makeup running at the middle of the day and have normal to dry skin. This product is a great product for it works as a moisturizer and a makeup base.

Testing this product, the first thing that Got my attention is the packaging. You'll love seeing this baby on your vanity, its so poshly packed.

The second is the scent, I agree that it should come with a warning "DO NOT EAT". Leyende FC smells so sweet that it reminds me of Christmas aka Mango Float. :) Some who have certain scent-sitivities will probably think this product too much but for me its just right. although i would like to tone it down a little. However, for an all organic product, you can't ask for anything else.

Third would be that It made my MU stay longer but did nothing for my oilies. For y'all who have oily skin, i still advise using an oil control skin care when using this one.

The last would be that it is an all organic skincare. We all know that the world right now are leaning to anything green. :) Coz if we can't achieve Peace, we might as well take care of Mother Nature, not to mention ourselves. With this product you definitely know that your skin is well taken care of. :)

This, in my opinion, is a great must have for y'all MMU addicts.

This is a Philippine Made Product and is available online,

Go Pinay Power! :)

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  1. wow...that's something new! Thanks for the post, at least I know there are other great primers out there. can't wait for your review on this sis!

  2. this is my review sis. :) i just reposted it for you guys. :) it was on my vox account. :)

    my mom swears by this product. :) ,ake her skin smoother and less oilier. :) ung oily skin ko ata, no hope na. :)but i love this primer... my make-up didn't run talaga. :)

  3. hahaha thanks sis, I was bangag! I will give this a try maybe after the Smashbox photofinish primer. :)

  4. heheh! same here... same here.. :) i wanna get SPFP pero sooooooo expensive! hehe.. :)


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