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FOTD: brown purple


i've been neglecting my other eyeshadows since i got my she space and MAD. now, i focused on my SassyMinerals and Joppa. :)

Sorry in advance for the pic.. i was so late for class that i didn't get a decent shot. And our prof didn't show up! bugger! anyhoo, here's the pics. :)

S5 Primer
Barenaturals Warm medium light foundation
Ellana Almond Coffee Cream Mineral FinPow

BareNaturals Prettiest Pink Peach

Khiel's no1 lip balm
Lumiere's Mochaccino Lumilips

for retouch: Fendry Peach Liptint

Joppa Samantha - all over lid
Sassy Minerals Black Gold - crease
Joppa Kayla - hihglight browbone
Char-khol - eyeliner


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2 fab comments

  1. Nice! Your skin looks like it has nice glow on the picture.

  2. thanks to the flash. :) i noticed that the pics turn out well if taken on the bed.. hehehe! so all my posts will be on that part of the room! lol!


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