not late and all pinked out look

my class today starts at 7pm. :) still, i managed to be late. Good thing, atty. Q didn't arrive til around 8pm and stayed only to give a minute of introduction about Practice Court 1 and give our assignments. we have to submit before 5pm of April 26, 10 freaking forms! so scared coz i haven't taken Legal Forms yet and he doesn't know. so don't tell ayt? :)

Face: Pure Luxe Eraser (primer), BareNaturals Warm Med. Light, Almond Coffee Cream FinPow
Cheeks: Ellana Heaven Blush

MAD Tropical (foiled) full upper lid
TSS Halos and Horns outer upper lidto crease
TSS Valley Girl on top of Halos and Horns, outer lid
MAD Paris - Inner upperlid/highlight
White Eyeshadow - highlight
Brown Eyeliner
Fasio 3d Dark Brown mascara

Lips: Ellana Mineral Lipgloss First Kiss

I'm trying to hurry here.. :)

lol!! :)

I got my cute flat top brush! :) so pretty and uber soft!!!

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  1. If hadn't bought that brush from Blusche, I could've ordered that brush when I received your text. :)
    Both my parents are lawyers but I know diddly squat about law. Is that bad? You're still very pretty as ever though. :)

  2. thanks, vi! it's okay not to know so much about law noh! good thing your parents didn't force you to take law. :) we are both pretty pretty pretty! :) lol!

  3. ahhh very pretty!! you have such nice lips too! very pouty hehe.

  4. Love the progression of the pinks and the lips look luscious!


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