Tut: Home Made Brush Cleaner (inspired)

Here's the Kikay Pinay Version of the Home Made or Do It Yourself Brush Cleaner. Save up for those more expensive make-ups and brushe, make you own brush cleaner. :)

I saw this first on Koren's Video when i was just starting out with eye make-up application. But when i saw Nikki's version and Sutil's version of the brush cleaner, i already tried to gather all the ingredients and materials i'll need. :) i knew where to get everything except for one ingredient, the leave-on conditioner liquid form. Thanks to Jheng for using the Cream Silk Lite Fix. I was kinda hesitant to use this since it is a kind of volumizer for dull hair. :)

How much did i pay for everything? Well, since i had to buy the measuring cup and stirrer (buy 1 take 1 at Guordo's), I shelled out around P300-400. :) quite cheap compared to high-end brands. And will last me a long time since this can make 3 to 5 batch of HMBC. :) but i'm sure you'll find all this in your kitchen and stock cabinets. :)

let's start:

measuring cup, P75 (can be used as mixing container); stirrer , P75, Measuring Cups and spoon, P60 (got this at the market); empty container bottle (recycled).

distilled water (preferred); dishwashing liquid (got mine @ rustan's supermarket); 70% or 90% alcohol, leave-on conditioner in liquid form (cream silk lite fix), mild shampoo or baby shampoo (i prefer nivea extra mild for the scent)

*1/2 tablespoon

7. transfer it to an empty bottle

8. since my cleaner is clear, putting label will help me distinguish it. :)
make one yourself. :)

There you go, your Home Made Brush Cleaner. :)

Hope this helps you!


sleep na me! Zzzzzz...

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  1. yay!!!!!!! you made one na!!!!!! go go go girl! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I've been doing like 4-5 batches na!!! Coz I need to clean my brushes everyday coz I do make up to people EVERDAY! So this really help me save up!!! Hope you like it too, and it smells UBERly NICE :D

  2. Hehehe! :) it smells nice tlaga.. the best smelling brush cleaner i've ever tried. :) especially i used a lavander scented dishwashing liquid. :) i made 3 muna but i think i'll be needing more in the coming future. :)
    while doin this, i felt like a bartender and chemist at the same time. :) lol!

  3. i made brush cleaner with koren's tut, too. alas, i only did it twice because i am very lazy. i'll stick with MAC brush cleaner.

  4. true..I felt so professional everytime I'm doing that solution! hahaha Well enjoy it!!!l

  5. marthat stewart-ish pa mga dating natin! :) lol!

  6. That reminds... I need to wash my brushes. :)


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