my easter FOTD

We stayed in @ Mandarin for only one night since MOM has to be home by Sunday for her work. anyhow. It was a totally fun stay. Love the swimming part despite the fact my bilbil was all over the place... what a way to live. but i wasn't excited about the food though. It was just so-so.

Anyway here is my FOTD for that day. We were on our way to my tito's house for a little Easter Merienda with the family.

I used my Joppa E/S samples. I decided to always bring my Joppa E/S samples coz it's so travel-friendly in it's lil album. :) so nifty. thanks nikki for this idea. :)

Joppa Sunset on crease
Joppa Kayla on inner lid
Eyeliner on eyeline
Eyeliner and brow brush on eyebrows

Angel Setting Powder
Dreamworld Ellie Luna Formula
Bare Naturals Blushing BRonze
Bare Naturals Skin Perfecting Powder

Joppa Pink Lemonade Blush

Lumiere LumiLips Pink Satin Sheets

hehehe... vain ni mom

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