Joppa Try Out and Viva Sophia BN Blush

Joppa Try Out.

Since i felt like my Joppa foundation Samples were too dark for me, i put off trying them out.. it was totally off with the foundation i use from BareNaturals and Ellana and even my MAC NC30 Studio Fix Powder... so what's a girl to do?

Today, i decided to road test the first shade - Medium Light #2 in Soft Coverage. I'm still getting used to the light in my room but i thought it blended well... that got me thinking that I'm not on the fair side :( lol!

i topped it off with Simple Radiance that i chose for my 3pc sampler kit..
i think this balanced my foundation.
Hmmm... what do you think?0

natural light, around 2pm
excuse the towel
wearing foundation and simple radiance only
on top of s5 Primer (no concelear)

on the spotlig

after a few hours... hmm...

from BareNaturals i kinda applied a lot to show on my cam

sorry for poor photo quality

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