Saturday, October 30, 2010

Beauty Event: La Mer's Eye on Youth, The Eye Balm Intense

The Eye Balm Intense

"a groundbreaking eye treatment helps accelerate skin's natural process to revitalize the fragile eye area"

Targets eye puffiness and wrinkles, the Eye Balm Intense gives that cooling effect upon application. The gel-like consistensy is easily smoothened over the eye area with the use of their applicator that attracts just the right amount of product. Roll away those under eye bags and make way for a brighter, more beautiful looking eyes.

Here are a few of the ladies from different publication who came to the Philippine launch of La Mer's The Eye Balm Intense.

Nicole Delos Angeles, Beauty Editor for Cosmo and Candy

Frances Sales, Editor-0n-Chief of OK! Philippines

Jane Kingsu of Manila Bulletin

September for YStyle

Ina and Carrot of La Mer
Thanks for inviting me!

Beauty Editors with Ms. Vivian Sarabia, who gave a speech on how to keep our eyes looking young and healthy.

Jane trying out La Mer...

Her already smooth hands will surely become smoother with La Mer products

outfit of the day
F21 dress
Celine Wedges
Accessorize swallow necklace
Kenneth Cole watch

More photos with pretty editors :)
Aren't Pinays so talented and beautiful?

I never thought it would come true but it's been my dream to be amongst women like them. I may not be in a magazine but being a blogger has proved me that words written, where ever they may be, will get positive recognition.

Trial products for me to test.. Yey!

Thai Milk Iced Tea
my new face drink. :)

It really was a fun day for the resident beauty addict. :)

much love,

Location: Silk Thai at Serendra

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shen's Skin Savers and Pimple Busters (Duac Gel and Panoxyl 5%

My Skin Savers
My favorite pimple busters

I'm currently watching Glee as I write it and I'm getting distracted with Mr. Schu's bare chest and Sam's fab abs!! Ahhhyayayay!!

So okay, here's a post that is very close to my heart. I have to warn you first that the use of these products (especially the Duac Gel) needs an accredited physician's supervision. Yes, please consult your accredited dermatologist first and make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the products I will be mentioning. Please do heed this advise, okay? I don't my readers getting hurt in anyway. :)

Duac Gel (Clindamycin (as phosphate) + Benzoyl Peroxide)

Let's focus first on Duac Gel, an infamous product that contains two of the best pimple eradicating ingredients on the face of the planet. LOL! If you've been combating with pimples for a prolong period of time then you are familiar with Clidamycin (as phosphate) and Benzoyl Peroxide. Both are known to effectively heal all kinds of acne, small or cystic ones. Well, imagine if both came together and was made into an oitment. Yes, you have a wonder product in your hands... at least to those who experiences acne.

I will not go into the scientific jargon of the product. I will be providing websites at the bottom of this post for further readings should you be interested to know more information. Let me tell you the effects of this product and why I have Duac Gel consistently on my vanity and travel case for more than two years now.

Duac Gel is very effective! I have tried it in budding acnes, small pimples, pulsing cystic and errupting acne and I still get the same result! It dries up my pimples within 3 to 4 days.!Less if I was able to catch my pimple before its formed and a bit longer for really red super bad acne. Biut It doesn't take weeks for the Duac Gel to speed up my acne's formation and dries it so fast.

I have to warn you though that using this on an area that is not affected with acne may cause drying and skin flaking. Not really a good thing. This product is really for curing acne and should be applied only on the affected areas strictly.

Downside is my skin gets immuned to it after a few times of use especially during those days when I get new acne almost everyday. It's like my face gets use to the product's properties that it refuses to work. And that many people are allergic to the Duac Gel. :(

Also, this is quite expensive at about Php700++ to about Php800. It is also available only in drugstores.

That is why I went on a hunt for a new pimple treatment...

Panoxyl Acne Gel 5% (Benzoyl Peroxide)

I bought the Panoxyl Acne Gel 5% after being advised by a dermatologist to purchase one after I broke out from a treatment. He told me to apply this diligently at night after cleansing the face. I have seen the commercials of this product and I wasn't really impressed. Back then, I have tried many products that claim to zap my acne but to no avail. They were all a failure. That's why I was surprise when my dermatologist recommended this and not some expensive derma products I was used to.

Effects? It's not really a miracle worker but it speeds up the formation of my pimples. It immediately ripens the acne that it when that happens, the next few steps are it drying and flattening. This process normally would take more than two weeks, but with Panoxyl 5%, my acne dries up in less than two weeks. Sometimes it would take only a few days depending on how early I detected my pimple.

I would suggest that you first start with the 2.5% solution before trying the 5% or 10% or depending on how severe your acne situation is. I've heard good things about this product already and have proven its effectiveness but it doesn't hurt to be a bit more caution. We are after all, talking about our pretty faces here.

I spot treatment this at night after I cleansing and toning. This product works well on bare skin so skip your serums, night creams, mositurizer or whitening products on the spot you're to apply the Panoxyl on. Me, I completely skip the my other skin regimens most of the time when my face flares up with cystic acne.

Needless to say, it is still best to consult an accredited physician before trying out any pimple busting products that you read online, see on TV and even those recommended by friends. Specially if your acne are creeping all over your face and other body parts. You may be experiencing an all together different problem.

And I wouldn't be using this products anyway had it not been advised and prescribed by a dermatologist. Also, I also undergone extractions from these dermatologists, that cleansed my face of the puss results from these acne and they remove whiteheads and blackheads that may cause further acne formations.

Be that as it may, I am sharing these to you just in case so you may ask your derma about these products and see if he/she thinks this is a good fit for your acne situation. :)

Aren't you glad that we now have all these options to cure our skin problems? :)
What about you what are you favorite skin saving products? Share them to and comment below. :)

much love,

For more information on Duac Gel, please read online MIMS -- direct link is here. also has information on Duac Gel --- direct link is here.

For more information on Panoxyl 5% Acnegel, please read's information on the said product --- direct link is here.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Product Review: Purederm Aloe Collagen Mask

Hello, Beauties!!

The weather has been pretty awful lately. i'm not really a fan of the rainy weather but what can we do right? At least, the cool weather compensates us. As for me, one rainy night I decided to try out a few products from Purederm and had a Spa Day at home. One of those products I tried is the Purederm Aloe Collagen Mask, the focus of today's blog post. :)

I know many girls are crazy over sheet masks. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get into the bandwagon of it all. But when Purederm sent me their Aloe Collagen Mask*, I thought of re-evaluating my liking of sheet masks.

I used the Aloe Collagen Mask the next night after i got my facial at Skinnovation Clinic in C. Raymundo Ave. Pasig City. Having known ever since that Aloe Vera as tons of beauty benefits, it also aids in healing wounds, has ati-bacterial properties and could rejuvenate skin. It is exactly what my skin needs at that time, a mask that'll keep my skin hydrated from my use of Roactutane and to speed up the healing process of the acne spots that has been extracted.

Purederm Aloe Collagen Mask
  • Easy and effective skin recovery treatment blended with Aloe Extract, Collagen and Vitamin E
  • Long lasting formula visibly hydrates and soothes to bring your skin back into youth
  • Natural pulp sheet prevents skin trouble and provides close adhesion to the face

How to use
  • Thoroughly cleanse and dry face. Take out and unfold the mask and apply it on your face. Wear the mask for 15 to 20 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges.

Looks like that horror monster from the movie, Scream. :)

Align Right

The photo above would show how moist the sheet mask is. I'm impressed on how absorbent the sheet mask was and that applying wasn't that difficult at all. No dripping, sliding or whatnot. It adhered to my face properly without so much of an effort on my part. An experience i can't say for other sheet masks I've tried.


Immediate effect is that my face felt significantly moisturized compared to a typical out of a tube moisturizer. There was no sticky-icky residue... rather the feel was cool and comforting. As for the long term effect, I think i won't be seeing any with just one use. But either way, I like the overall effect this mask had on me. Even with an oily complexion, I was able to utilize the use of this mask for a certain situation. After all, my skin still need that hydration once in awhile.


I would definitely recommend this to those who just undergone laser and extraction facial treatments. Use this a day or two after your treatment to avoid any kind of skin reaction. Since Collagen and Vitamin E are known to provide added skin elastisity and to make skin look younger, this is great for ladies ages 30+ and above.

Of course, I would advise that you use any products bought without a prescription with discretion. This mask might have impressed me but you may not have the same experience. Although I hardly think the sheet masks causes any irritation of sorts.

I would definitely use this mask again especially after derma treatments. But as for a weekly mask, I would lean towards a mask that helps reduce oiliness on my skin or those that helps whiten my dark spots.

Hope I was able to enlighten you with my Purederm Aloe Collagen Mask review! :)

Thanks again for visiting my blog and reading my posts. :)

Happy workweek, everyone!!

much love,

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*Product provided by official PR for blogging consideration. This is not a paid review/advertisement.
The written web log is based on author's personal views and is not influenced by the company of the product.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

FOTD: Work mode

I call this work mode because this is the fastest FOTD I can do when I was getting ready for work. I'm not much of the girl who dress up for work. Our work environment is pretty much casual but still very discreet. This is the work place where in I can wear plain white tees and jeans everyday of the week. I don't even need a blazer but our a/c is pretty cruel to those who easily feels cold like I do. That's why I wear a blazer or a jacket for work all the time.

But when it comes to makeup, I can almost put on anything short of looking like a band member of KISS or Lady Gaga. Yes, that's how great my workplace is. :) But of course, I try to keep it toned down. That's the reason why I gravitate to neutral palettes like my my MAC Neo Sci-fi, just like today.

hehehe! I look so sleepy here. :) lol!
it's because Shen is not used to going to work...period. :)

Products used:
Shu Uemura Face Architect
Ellana Perfect Blend Mineral Foundation (hazelnut latte)
The Body Shop Stamp Blush
Artdeco Peach Blush

Mac E/S's (will update this soon)
Maybelline Gel liner (brown)
Clinique Mascara

Mac Pink Nouveau

But even with neutral eyes, I let my personality shine through with my now favorite lipstick MAC Pink Nouveau. :)

much love,

P.S. I am sooo sleepy still! Lol!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YumYum: I Miss Spiral...

Spiral Restaurant is probably one of the best Hotel buffet there is in the Metro and I can't wait to go back. I'm excited that I will be seeing this again for the BF's birthday on November 8th.

We got the Accor Advantage card when we last dined at Spiral to get the 50% discount on our buffet. That also gave us a free one night stay and I'm happy that the date we wanted was free! Yipee!!

We are definitely looking forward to stuffing our face for lunch, breakfast and dinner! :) How I wish I have 5 stomachs so I can fill em all up with the best food served on at Spiral at Sofitel Manila!

Actually, I can't wait to stuff myself with the Peking Duck, my ultimate fave food!!

Sofitel staff was so nice to sit us at the private room just so they can accommodate us.

Isn't it obvious, I love desserts!!

I miss you, Spiral... I really do! Let's get together soon, alright?

What about you, beaitiful readers? What's your favorite buffet in Manila?

much love,

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Playing with Organic Rituals Nail Polishes (Zoya and Sparituals)

When I visited Organic Rituals two weeks ago, I played around with all the vegan nail polishes they have. I decided to try most of the colors that caught my fancy. Most of them were the Sparitual this time. The colors that OrganicRituals have are dainty and girly. Very apt for every Filipina who loves caring for their nails.

Jet Setter | Solid as a Rock | Must Be Lust | Can You Dig It | Carpe Diem

Hot Blooded | Light Hearted | Moment's Notice | Life of the Party | Thunder Road

Of course, I also played with their Zoya Polishes, too. :)

Amber | Richelle | Jinx| Sloane| Kalista

I intended to use all different nail colors in order to find that one favorite. I didn't it would be that hard though. I super love them all. :)

How I wish I have more than 10 fingernails.. LOL.

much love,

Organic Rituals is located at: MEZZANINE FLOOR ATLANTA CENTRE

Open Monday - Saturday, 11AM to 9PM. By appointment on Sundays.

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