Netflix and Columbia Brings Us Park Seo-Joon’s Concrete Utopia

Perhaps what I have learned about this film is that we have to keep our humanity no matter what.

When a lone building is left after a disastrous earthquake has wrecked the city, the people residents of this apartment have gate kept their complex from outsiders. Appointing a seemingly brave and intelligent man.

What does one do to survive amidts a calamity?

I don’t usually watch films like this alone but Park Seo-Joon was a good enough reason to go alone coz the hub has work and friends have plans. It’s also been a while since I’ve watched a sub-titled foreign film. But Concetre Uutopia did not disappoint.

It was well filmed. There were several intense moments when I had to cover myself with my jacket. I’m sincerely not that brave to watch series and films that are dystopian. DI ko kinakakaya. 

Ultimately, I feel films like this mirror what the real society is going through. Jow, we disregard life in order to survive. And leaders are bound to be corrupt. Showing us that we will be corrupted no matter what. That is not the resources that we should gatekeep but our humanity instead. 

As a big fan of Kim Bok Joon, I saw another side of Park Bo-Young’s acting, Park Seo-Joon is convincing here as well. Lee Byung-Hun held up his acting too. As the veritable tita ng bayan, Kim Sun-Young performed great as well.

What can we do to keep our morals and our humanity? How do we survive without oppression? These will be the questions that will leave you at the end of the film. So grab your popcorn and immerse yourself in the dystopian wonder of Concrete Utopia. It’s a must-watch. 

Movie Synopsis:

Synopsis “Our apartments belong to the residents!”

After a massive earthquake, Seoul has swiftly been reduced to rubble. Everything in the city has collapsed, except for one building. Hwang Gung Apartments remains standing, as it was before that day.

When survivors from the outside hear of this, they begin to gather at Hwang Gung Apartments. However, the original residents of the building started to feel threatened. Banding together for the sake of their survival, they elect ‘Young-tak’ as their Resident Delegate. Under his leadership, they strictly banned entry by outsiders and drew up a new set of Resident Regulations.

Thanks to this, in contrast to the hellish nightmare outside, Hwang Gung Apartments stands as a safe and peaceful utopia for its residents.

But amidst the continual threats to their survival, unexpected conflicts begin to arise among them...

Rules of survival for those who have lived: Obey the regulations, or leave.

Photo credits to Columbia Pictures

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