How to Strengthen Your Work Ethic in Hybrid Work Setups

Hybrid work is becoming both a common and highly sought-after option for many professionals. In 2022, multinational global market researcher Ipsos surveyed the work arrangement preferred by employees. More than 540,000 respondents from 95 countries participated in the said survey, and of this pool, 68 percent indicated that they prefer a hybrid work setup, 28 percent said they prefer to work from home all the time, and 8 percent were partial to full-time onsite work.

Employers themselves are also warming up to the idea of hybrid work. Another 2022 survey, this time conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, revealed that 74 percent of employers now offer hybrid work arrangements. 

Just like their contemporaries around the world, many Filipino professionals are also embracing remote and hybrid work setups. It’s easy to see how this arrangement can help workers save time, money, and energy as well as achieve better work-life balance. But while remote or hybrid work offers flexibility and freedom, it requires a strong work ethic to maintain productivity and achieve success. 

It’s not unheard of for professionals who are working remote jobs in the Philippines to be worried about fulfilling their personal and professional responsibilities. If you’re concerned about how to adapt your work ethic to the hybrid environment, try the following tips to maintain your productivity and navigate this new work landscape effectively:

Establish a Structured Routine

It’s beneficial to establish a structured routine that will enable you to transition into a more productive mindset, whether you’re working in the office or at home. For instance, you can make a habit of eating breakfast, exercising, and preparing a cup of coffee before you start working in your home office. Doing this consistently will help you ease into a more productive mindset and allow you to focus on the task at hand. It also helps to maintain consistent work hours, create a dedicated workspace at home, and plan and prioritize your tasks so you can stay organized throughout the day. 

Set Clear Boundaries

It can be a challenge to balance your personal and office commitments when you’re doing all of them in the same space. Establishing clear boundaries will help you on this front. Separate work and personal life by designating specific spaces and times for work-related activities. You can choose not to respond to work-related emails after office hours, for example, or decline social calls when you’re on the clock. Communicate these expectations with colleagues and family members, and practice effective time management techniques in your work environment to maintain focus.

Maintain Effective Communication

In hybrid work setups, communication is paramount. You might be working in different places, but you still need to coordinate with your team members and respond to their queries and follow-ups as soon as possible. 

Leverage technology for virtual collaboration and communication and be proactive in sharing updates and progress with team members. Seek clarification when needed through regular check-ins with the people you work with. At the same time, have backup options in place in case your network connection fails in the middle of an important activity. For instance, make sure you can connect using mobile data on the occasion that your Wi-Fi internet at home starts slowing down. 

Cultivate Self-Discipline and Motivation

Hybrid or remote work is an opportunity just as much as it’s a responsibility. There’s no way around it: this work setup will only work for you if you have self-discipline and motivation. 

If you feel that you're lacking in these areas, you can improve. You can do this by consistently setting goals and deadlines and meeting them, making an effort to sharpen and maintain your focus, and identifying and minimizing distractions. 

An environment that is conducive to work will help you achieve these goals. Also, establishing a healthy work-life balance will help you prevent your professional responsibilities from taking resources from your personal endeavors and vice versa.

Foster a Positive Work Environment for Yourself and for Others

Building a positive work environment–be it in the office or at home–is crucial for productivity and well-being. Engage in virtual social interactions with colleagues so you can understand them better, and you’ll be less likely to feel apprehensive when talking to them about work matters. 

Aside from fostering healthy professional and personal relationships, you can opt to practice self-care to maintain your mental well-being. If you’re feeling stuck due to your work setup or your office responsibilities, try seeking opportunities for professional development and growth so that you won’t feel that you’re being held back by your role or work setup.   

Takeaway: Overcoming Common Challenges in Hybrid Work Setups

Part of strengthening your work ethic when in a hybrid or remote work arrangement is knowing how to manage the common issues that come with this setup. For example, working apart from your teammates may make you feel isolated, or it may make you more prone to distractions and procrastinating. Instead of being frustrated by these issues, use them as opportunities to foster personal and professional growth. 

You can, for instance, participate more actively in virtual team meetings so that you can collaborate and feel more connected with your colleagues. If procrastination is your main issue, how about using the Pomodoro technique to determine your current level of focus and improve it over time? Knowing where you stand and what difficulties you might encounter will certainly help you get into the rhythm of hybrid work. 

A strong work ethic is crucial for success in any career, especially now that many workers are given more control over their time and energy. Maximize these additional resources by being proactive about building your work ethic and discipline. This way, you can keep your productivity levels up, build a solid foundation for your career, and enjoy all the personal and professional benefits of the hybrid work landscape. 


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