Nostalgic Games To Keep You Busy

I’m counting my days til it’s the holidays. My laptop has been out of commission and when you buy it from a very popular brand that require your laptop to be sent abroad, rest assured that you will be w forever to get it.

How does one live without the item of the centruty? Well, work certainly took a toll but what I appreciate is discovering a new website. Solitaire.Org, that kept sane during long queues and dragging moments when i can’t binge wathc my favorite shows. 

Contrary to the popluar habits, I don’t like watchng on my phone so I end up playing games instead. And I must say I got really good at it. First of all, do not require you to download stuff. I’ve been roadtesting it on my latp before and I got pretty addicted. My favorite was Hidden Objects! My gush! I can truly spend hours on this online game. It’s addicting, it’s consoling and truly during my axiety moments helped me sync back. 

Play with Nostalgia

The game brings me back to good ‘ol days of simple games you can search online. No need to download anything, you simply have to type and you’re there. There’s a standalone web app is you don’t want the scroll moving.

I can’t tell how many time this site brought me to some fun memories! Playing Solitaire.Org, Klondike, Zuma Balls and and even Cookie Monster brings me back to my childhood and isn’t that the trend nowadays?

Responds very well

Coming from a country where signal is questionable, I was also suprised how fast this site responds. My kids can get prettyannoying when we are waiting so I got no chocie but to hand them my phone to play and believe me, this site is a lifesaver for a momma like! No matter where we are, all the games respond well. 


I like a site that I can be secure and be confident as a mom, believe me, child-friendly apps can get hella expensive. the kids got some new gadgets from their Godparents this year and I can say that has some cool and easy games my 8-year old can enjoy. She loves Flower Shop. I personaly sneak in some learning with Word Search.

Doesn’t this bring you back to buying those thick word search books? Now I can do that with my tiny phone easily! How convenient!


The things about these games are they are not really for me something I need to truly finish from beginning to end. They are easily there when I have to rest my brain, when I’m waiting in line, and when I get bored or just so I can feel I can control something. And with the traffic my city endures, I can only say that a quick and accessible game website like is what the doctor prescribes!

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