How Moms Can Build a Sustainable Weight Loss Plan

As moms, we want to maintain good habits to ensure that we’re in the best shape possible to raise our family. Our post ‘My Journey to Better Health’ emphasizes the need to start taking care of yourself before your health is compromised. One of the best ways to do this is through weight management. In addition to lowering the risk of diseases and reducing blood pressure and cholesterol, Healthtalk also states that weight loss can help you have better self-esteem and feel happier.

Of course, as moms, our busy schedules make consistency difficult. When you have to work around your family’s schedule, you need to develop a sustainable weight loss plan that lets you be flexible. Here are some ways you can do that.

Set goals and rewards

Weight loss should never be burdensome and should instead feel rewarding. When you set goals, make sure that achieving them comes with rewards you enjoy. Using positive reinforcement shifts your fitness journey from being punishment-oriented to reward-oriented, thus making it feel fulfilling and easier to keep up with.

To this end, diet experts WeightWatchers note that you can motivate yourself to reach weight loss targets with rewards that are consistent with your goals. So, if you’re working to eat healthier and better, you can reward yourself with a subscription to a meal delivery service. If you’re trying to progress with your workouts, you can buy yourself new equipment. Motivating yourself this way puts a positive spin on your weight loss so that you’re not discouraged by imperfections.

Incorporate the rest into your plan

One of the many things that can seriously impede your weight loss plan is not getting enough sleep. WebMD explains that sleep is as important to weight management as diet and exercise. Not having regular sleep may cause your brain to make bad decisions such as turning to unhealthy food and skipping workouts. It may also mess with your metabolic rate.

Prioritize having a regular sleep schedule. This may mean managing your time, so you’re not worried about anything once your bedtime hour hits. Of course, as moms, this isn’t always easy, especially if you have young kids who may need attention in the middle of the night. When this happens, be understanding with yourself and try to sneak in some sleep throughout the day. This helps you avoid making hasty decisions and keep your progress consistent.

Involve your kids

Although diet and exercise are integral to weight loss, having to split your time between your kids, meal prep, and workouts can be exhausting. Involving your kids can help you manage your schedule and bond with your family at the same time. Some ways you can do this is by letting them help out with meal planning and cooking. This lets you stock healthy meals they’ll enjoy and save time throughout the week. You can also schedule family exercise activities, like swimming, hiking nearby trails, or yoga on the weekends. This ensures that even if your progress isn’t perfect, it remains consistent.

Sharing your healthy habits with your kids can help ingrain values of health in them. It also gives them a sense of routine and stability when the family spends quality time being productive together. These things combined can help you maintain a sustainable weight loss plan.

Mothers benefit both physically and psychologically from losing weight, but with everything going on, it can be tough. But knowing how to work around your family can help you create a weight loss plan that you can sustain.

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