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It seeems forever since the last time I spruced up but there are three things that I'm sure that will give me an instant boost if I could just have the time to fix myself up! O.TWO.O is a popular brand of makeup for its affordability and quality. I can't believe how lucky you guys are now that you have access to various brands from here and abroad, thanks to Shopee! I remember how difficult it was and how scary it was to buy makeup! But now Shopee provides different payment options, refund, and just the overall easy access to all these brands. You'll never know the stress!

I admit that Shopee has given me that sense of trust when I shop for anything. Makeup could be very complicated to buy online but it's becoming the norm! Love how I can see the shades properly with different reviews. O.TWO.O  has lots of products and it can get overwhelming to shop but thanks to reviews, it's easy to decide the shades. And while browsing, I saw three products that I know will be easy to use and will give me that groomed look I always want for an easy dayout.

Be ready to show off your best face forward with the O.TWO.O Pick Me! Makeup Clay, a multi-use tinted balm to highlight your cheeks, lips, and eyes which you can get up to 80% off this July 23 only at the O.TWO.O Brand Spotlight on Shopee!

1. O.TWO.O Pick Me! 3-in-1 Makeup Clay Lipstick & Blush & Eyeshadow, P85 each

Versatility in just one palette, that's what the O.TWO.O Pick Me! Makeup Clay offers to beauty enthusiasts. The O.TWO.O Pick Me! Makeup Clay comes in 8 highly pigmented shades that you can choose from, each having a versatile formula that lets you color your lips, eyelids, and cheeks.  

2. O.TWO.O Brow Soap 

Make your messy brows neat and tidy with the O.TWO.O Brow Soap! The O.TWO.O Brow Soap has a 3D eyebrow soap pigment formula to give you that uniform texture and natural feathery eyebrows. This product can also be used before using eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help make your eyebrow makeup last longer. 

3. O.TWO.O Natural False Eyelashes - No Glue Or Eyeliner, P111

Want to make your eyes pop? Then the O.TWO. Natural False Eyelashes is the perfect product for you! These self-adhesive eyelashes don't require glue or eyeliner, making them more comfortable to wear. The eyelashes is also reusable, just rinse it with warm water and dry it with your hairdryer. 

Always have that on-point look with the O.TWO.O Pick Me! Makeup Clay! #O.TWO.O #Makeup #Beauty 

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