Uni-Love is all LOOOOVE this Shopee 6.6 Mid-Year Sale!

I've made it my sworn duty to share with you whenever Unicare has an upcoming Sale on Shopee! Ron and I love the Unicare Baby Pants and Baby Laundry detergent so much. Naturally, the husband loves the pricing more than anything else. But given how sensitive my daughter's skin is, it's great that the soft diapers of Uni-love are now a top choice for us.

NOw that the season is rightly changing again, I just know it will present a new set of challenges. Uni-care and Uni-Love know how to keep my child's sensitive skin safe and hygienic. Look no further than Shopee to complete your arsenal in maintaining your little one's clothes and even up to their bums!

1. UniLove Unscented Baby Wipes, Set of 6's | P351: Contains the natural properties of aloe vera, lanolin, and Vitamin E and proved to have thicker and softer fabric than any ordinary wipes.

Who Can't live without wipes these days, with how drying alcohol can get nowadays, I love that I can use wipes from time to time to make sure my hands are clean. I love using this on Sharkie, too! And my kids knows that we need to always bring a set of wipes whenever we go out.

2. UniLove Baby Bottle Cleanser 500ml, Set of 2 | P162: Has natural ingredients, no colorants, and paraben-free for your baby's safety and surely rinses clean with no chemical residues.

One of the things I didn't realize before was that my dishwashing liquid doesn't necessarily have to be different from my children's. So now, whenever we can, I make sure to order extra of this because it's tough on food stains and other dairy residues. It's a fave!

3. UniLove Airpro Baby Diaper 30's (Newborn) | Set of 2, P333: Has a super-absorbent core that keeps your babies' skin comfortable and dry and an ultrasoft top sheet that will surely reduce skin friction and nappy rash.

If you're looking for a diaper that doesn't crumble, leak, and absorbs a lot of wiwi but keeps baby's bummy dry, this is it. And the price point is amazing! We love our Baby pants and believe me, I feel 

4. UniLove Baby Laundry Detergent 1L (Milk Scent) | Set of 2, P184: Made of natural ingredients, and essential oil, making it best for sensitive skin and has no dyes, contains disinfectant and hypoallergenic to ensure the safety of your children's skin.

With the rainy season and my children's clothes getting exposed more to cold weather and whatever elements are there, I decided to have it laundered and I bring with us all the time a liter of this just to ensure it's super mabanggo and malinis. There was even a time we used it in our own clothes and we. loved it!

Thank God, another sale is coming up! Uni-Care keeps you worry-free with 50% off at the Shopee 6.6 Mid-Year Sale! Don't miss out on this! Sayang and pwedeng matipid!

#MasMuraSaShopee with P66 and P77 deals, shipping discount vouchers, and 10% off daily at the 6.6 - 7.7 Mid-Year Sale!

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