Beauty Gonzalez bares her all to everyone!

Bianca Valerio, our gorgeous host for this event, was hinting that Beauty Gonzalez was going to bare her all and silly 'ol me thought it was going to be a serious talk about womanhood and share some secrets with us. After all, It was March and WOmen's Month and it was a great time to talk about the realities women are facing.

But of course, it was a beauty event and I loved the talk about Habuki! It's the latest whitening brand from Japan that gives you that bright mochi skin. If you think Japanese women innately have supple fair skin, they do. And it's quite natural that they come with products that addressed many skin concerns and help them achieve a radiant smoother complexion.

Seeing Bianca was in itself a pleasure but adding Beauty as the highlight guest for that day and to see her and have her share many of her struggles and accomplishments, I was in awe. I met once during another event and it's like no day has passed. She's as gorgeous as ever and perhaps more so.

Habuki's promise - "Beauty that Illuminates" - seems exactly what is happening to Beauty Gonzales.

We were surprised because after classifying all the product ranges of Habuki, there is Beauty removed her makeup right in front of us. And to be honest, it revealed but it looks to be a better skin underneath all the cover.

So, what's Beauty's beauty arsenal? 

Just a few! All Habuki of course, her Godsend skincare she shared. Hakubi White C Tablets that work inside out. She also recommended this to me when I asked her the best product for a busy mom like myself. Hakubi Q1-- Cream made it to her list as well for its rich formulation of VItamin C, B5, L-Cysteine and Hakubi's properioietary Q10. This she said she can't get enough of! I quite understand because after getting my hands on it, it is extremely rich and moisturizing!

One highlight I loved was how nice the Hakubi BB Cream is! Beauty showed how it provides medium coverage and already has enough amount of sunscreen to protect the screen.

Naturally, these aren't all the reasons for Beauty's radiant skin. She pairs this awesome skincare line with a self0-care routine she mastered - yoga, massages, and a time for herself. 

Beauty is a multi-hyphenate woman. She's an artist, a mother, and a wife! Her journey to self-love had many challenges but what she imparts to us is that a little bit of love for ourselves can do wonders. And if the way for us to start it is by taking a supplement that's good for our body and our skin, we are already halfway there.

So there I was a mom in my pambahay clothes, feeling utterly hopeless during that day felt renewed and inspired. It's so nice for Hakubi to bring Bianca and Beauty to me that day when I needed it the most and they don't even know it.

Sometimes I wish every month is a women's month and then I realized that it could be if I only love myself a little more each day and take my insecurities out little by little.

Discover more details on how Beauty bared her beauty by watching the FB Live in full through this link: Hakubi 

White C is now available in Shopee, Lazada, and select Watsons stores. 

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