Movie Review: The Adam Project

The Adam Project is such a beautiful action-packed film that is indeed centered on family and parenting as the cast mentioned in their many interviews. The fact that Ryan Reynolds stars in the film is already enough reason to watch this. Almost everything he has ever made, we’ve watched. Though 6 Underground was technically something I didn’t enjoy I loooved the majority of what he made the past years. Naturally, I wouldn’t pass The Adam Project.

Adam is a young boy, a little lost in his younger years that met his future self. The young Adam played by Walker Scobell mimicked the Adam to a T. Now, obviously inept at time travel future Adam didn’t really mean to meet his past self. But circumstances led him to this and he had to make do and partner up with his past self and do what he must.

It was a series of finding ways to get back to the past so he can get back to the future. It isn’t any like futuristic films but at the same time it was. But it was lovingly wrapped with all the beautiful sceneries, fight scenes (oh these are sooo good!), to showcase what this film is all about — parenthood. The relationship between parents and their children and when they lose each other.

13 Going on 30 down memory lane! Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo play the perfect parents. 
They got their roles down. I loved Jennifer here. So honest and raw!

I resonated so much with the film because I lost a parent, too. Being a parent myself doesn’t take away that I was a daughter first. And losing a parent changes you in so many ways. There was a part in the movie that will move you and this part I knew was the pivotal part of the film. And it was so heartbreaking and yet also put me back together. If you have ever lost anyone and lost all the chance in the world to say sorry to that person, this scene will move you.

The Adam Project talks about one of the most valuable things in the world and how it is truly our main commodity - time. It warns how little we do have and how precious it truly is to be able to say and make everyone around feel the love. It is a movie about family but more than anything it is learning to appreciate every second given to us. How each minute can make up a whole experience that changes and motivates us.

Zoe Zaldana obv plays the love interest to the hero, Adam. I love that all the women here plays kick ass role! Even the villain, Catherine Keener is spectacular in this film! Kuddos to the filmmakers for never creating a character that are so helpless! 

Time + Actions + Love all means we have lived! We should never be afraid to feel, share, and grieve. We shouldn’t feel bad to be happy when there’s a reason, to reach out to someone who might need us. The pandemic has made us close our homes but it shouldn’t close our hearts. We have all the technology in the world now to connect and communicate, never let this moment pass to talk to someone you love. Because when you let it pass because time isn’t coming back. So until you have it, use it and relish it!

I cried my heart out obviously, this film is me personified. Wishing for a time machine and seeing how won’t be of any use. I will still lose her. And there will always be things unsaid, there will never be enough time to tell her how much I love her. But I also know grieving her like this all the time is taking time away from my family that deserves so much of my love and how I deserve to feel love and genuine happiness. Grief comes in waves, so I vow that when it does I will kiss it and embrace it but will let it pass. When the water calms, I will rise up and live my life the best that I can.

The Adam Project is airing this March 11, 2022 on Netflix.

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