NEW BRAND ALERT: Baby Moose Gear Diaper is now out in SHOPEE

Catch the grand launch of the newest baby diapers, Moose Gear Baby, launching on Shopee this January 26! Save more and stock on your baby diapers with the newest Ultra Thin Technology. 

For a reliable and durable diaper that is sure to be perfect for your baby, Moose Gear Baby Diapers is the way to go! Taking care of your baby is always a priority for moms. These diapers give your baby the ultra protection they need for a good morning walk and good sleep. 

What to love!

• Added chamomile extract to prevent rashes and foul odors

• Super Absorbent Core

• Extra soft and lightweight for maximum comfort

• Breathable material promotes air circulation by releasing humidity

• Up to 12 hours double leak protection

• Wetness indicator 

• No added fragrance or harmful chemicals

• Colorful and unique new design

The good thing about Moose Gear Baby is that is it competitive price-wise and with its quality of materials. The Ultra-Thin Technology gives your baby the comfort and ease to move. Especially for our fast-growing tots.

Chamomile has been proven to be gentle on the skin and have amazing effects on sensitive skin by calming them.

Moose Gear Baby have a wetness indicator that helps with us moms who usually have too much in our hands. This guide lets us know it is time to change our little ones diaper and prevent them from filling up the diaper which is usually the cause of rashes.

A taped diaper is also preferred for newborn to at least before they start walking to provide a snug yet comfortable fit.

The most important part of a diaper is that it is highly absorbent for promoting a good night's sleep for our babies. I find that a leaky diaper disrupts the whole family. And the fact you spent a the whole night putting your baby to sleep, it's only fair your diaper does its job in keeping your baby dry for the rest of the night.

So, yes! It's time to make the switch NOW to Moose Gear Baby diapers! You won't regret it! 

Score this newest baby diaper at a discounted price and save on your baby essentials with Moose Gear Baby this Jan 26! 

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