Review: Evenflo Sutton 3-in-1 Booster Seat from Baby Company

After so many years, we are now ready to retire our old car seat and move on to the new Evenflo Sutton. It's a 3-in-1 convertible booster car seat for 9 months old to 12 years of age. 


Forward-facing only 5 Point harness Complies with European Standard ECE R44/04 Multi-position cup holder Dismantles into a small package for easy, compact storage. Adjustable headrest Product measurements: 43L x 43W x 28H cm Product weight: 4.5kg

I'll never take the car seat in our car as long they need it. It's been my mission to ensure road safety for my kids. I know a lot of parents overlook this tidbit in parenting. After all, who needs a car seat when someone can always hold a child while you're in the car?

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

A son of a friend of mine got into an accident boarding a Grab car. Her son was 3 years old and he broke his knee in a few places. He was being held by his yaya. Imagine the pain of surgery and recovery of the child. It was an accident and it wasn't anybody's fault. But imagine how many injuries and even fatalities we could prevent if we have car seats for our little ones?

We are also breaking the law. It's been a long time coming but I'm grateful that after a long time we have finally caught up with international road safety standards when the current President signed the Car Seat Law in February of 2019. The guidelines may be vague but a car seat is being sold prior to this law that will guide you on how to purchase one.

And if that isn't a problem because you research your heart out, there's always Baby Company to get a reliable car seat for you bubs. We got two of ours there. The newborn car seat and the booster seat for Claud.

Checking out their Shopee page, made me think that I must replace ours since the car seat expires! Yes, they do! And it could be for various reasons. That's why I chose not to compromise. Quarantine laws have been lenient of late when it comes to our children, and even without that, there will be days you need to take your kids out - a car seat is a must.

If you haven't bought a car seat, I can recommend the Evenflo Sutton. I love that it's reasonably priced at P4,999 for something you can use until 12 years of age or up to 36 kgs in weight. I received it a day ago and was able to replace the old one immediately. We didn't have a garage and only have a small parking lot and even at night with barely a light, I was able to install it.

Here we are parked at a fast-food restaurant having midnight run with the kids. Thankfully, it's easy to clean, too. Loved the grey tone and how comfy Sharkie is even in a 5 -point harness belt. I can never compromise our peace of mind especially when it comes to our kids. That's why a car seat is a must!

And if you haven't heard, Baby Company is having a Crazy Baby Sale!

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