Can't-Resist Baby Girl things to get your Little Princesses

As a mom, I spent hours upon hours on online shopping platforms just to find the best deals. I even sent some links to godmothers and godfathers during our baby shower to make it easier for them to purchase items we know we will need.  Having had two babies, I can tell you now that hoarding is a no-no when it comes to shopping for baby needs. What you need are quality clothes that will last you at least 3 babies down the road.

This is the lesson I've taken to heart and I reaped the benefits. With our second child, there were only a few key items I needed to get because most of the things we purchased before were still in admirable conditions.

Cloth Diapers are a must! This is non-negotiable to me since I hate the thought of filling up landmines with diapers. Though I'm not a woke environmental advocate and still use diapers from time to time, I do appreciate that we use cloth diapers more than we do disposable ones.

Little Steps Reusable Diapers are made from Polyester on the outside for durability and water resistance but the suede cloth on the inside for that comfortable feel. Each reusable diaper comes with a free 3-layer absorbent microfiber cloth. You can be sure that the insert pad stays in place as the reusable diapers have a unique built-in pocket to hold the insert. Little Steps reusable diapers also adjust to your baby's growth with their adjustable waist snaps/buttons and stretchable leg cuffs supporting babies 0-36 months. Little steps diapers come in a wide array of designs and are hypoallergenic and leakproof so you can be sure that it is soft on the baby's skin.

I'm loving pj's more and more because of this pandemic and I'm glad I spent a good amount of our budget on getting the softest ones. And these cute unicorn PJ's from Little Steps are no exception. 

We will never get tired of onesies and this one comes in a 3-piece set with leggings and bib for only P499. What I like about onesies is that is protects my baby's tummy especially since they sleep with no lanket. I would hate for them to get cold and get gassy. But this one came with a bib and pants which is always a good thing to have. Since during Pandemic, my baby only take a bath once a day, this set brings her from a comfy pambahay to pantulog and a bib to protect her from her meals that gets everywhere.

What the hell is this kid little thing? It's a Gripper Sock shoes (P248) for your little runner. We've used this on Claud and Sharkie and given how slippery the floor can get, this came in handy to keep them from slipping. Believe me you'll need this for training when your little one beins to take their Little Steps. 

A 3 -piece layette is always a good idea. Especially for quick trips to the pedia for vaccines and doubles as sleepwear, too! I love this button down style because it's quick to wear but not on a wiggly baby so take advantage of the ultra baby stage, you'll miss it a lot!

If there is one thing that we continued using regardless the age and weight are towels. These cute towels are a fun thing to have and give to newborns. They will use this til at least they'd 5 or 6. These hooded towels will always be a great addition to a new family.

One things that new parents need A LOT more than diapers are wipes. Becauce a baby get messy at every second. And with how clean we need to be these days, these will surely come in handy! The Little Steps Baby Wipes are 99% pure water which is ideal fro newborns and babies. I prefer these over the scented ones and those with alcohol since our Sharkie have very scented skin.

Thankfully, Little Steps are joining Shopee's Big Christmas Sale this 11.11. Get ahead of your Holiday shopping and get up tp 50% OFF on these cute and adorable abby clothings and so much more! Also, support local and shop at The Little Steps

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