Time to Exercise....

My right to vote, that is!

The last time I ever voted was in the 2004 elections. I voted for Fernando Poe Jr. My mom insisted I did and so I did it. I voted at the precinct in my hometown, Marikina. I didn't know who was running for the local elections so I did just right about what my mom did. 

A vote went to waste because I think as a voter we should make that choice and not because we are provided by our parent's beliefs. And that choice should also be made guided with the hope that you are making the best decision. 

Right now, my child is online distance learning and I am reading all of her school work. The focus on Araling Panlipunan for second graders is all about knowing your community. How you should follow the rules, get to know your community, help your community. It instilled in the little minds of our children that we should care about what is happening to our local.

This begs me to discern how long has it been since I last cared about what `is happening in my own community. It doesn't even know who is our Barangay Captain and if he is doing his job well. We get caught up with our own trouble we forgot what is happening around us. But even at the age of 7, values of caring for our surrounding IS being taught to our children.

So I said, I will do differently right now. I've wanted to get registered since last year but it seemed so tedious. There are ways you can do it but if your situation is as complicated as mine, you will find the task daunting and you will likely give up. But I was encouraged that COMELEC put up satellites. And when I thought I missed the day of voter registration, COMELEC opened it again and resumed until October 30.

But do I really need to wake up at 7AM? I mean, I am awake at that time. I'm a mom. All mothers are practically awake at dawn. But with online distance learning, my duty is to prep and assist the kids --- I have a nursery and second grader here so it's not like I can up and leave them. One technical difficulty, one missing art material, and their world go dives into chaos.

So I tried my luck last Monday, October 18. Claud won't have online classes and Sharkie only had her Puggles class at 9:30. By 12 I was out the door. Earlier but the road I took was closed so I had to turn around back to C5 to get me back on track all the way to Robinsons Metroeast. I told myself, with all these efforts, if I don't get a slot that day. I will give up and I won't comment again about anything political on social media.

Up to the 3rd floor where the health and beauty area of Robinsons Metro East, I approached kuya guard. I asked him about the process because really I went there with just 2 Valid ID's and my health declaration form. He told me I had to go get a schedule but they won't be providing any until 7 AM the next day. I thought that was it... but a part of we wanted to ask "Panu po ung may mga pasok ng umaga, ako kasi ang nag-oonline schol sa mga anak ko." 

Thankfully, kuya said to ask the lady guard in charge of the line. I went to her and with much respect asked if I can secure a lot already for the next day. That if she gives me one I will go back the next day. And what she said right after made me soooo happy! She said, "Meron pa." And she gave me a ticket number with time on it. She said I must come back by 3:30PM... Huhuhuhu!

It was meant to be! It was only 12 Noon so I had a lot of time to kill. I walked around the mall to get my 5000 steps in. I missed Robinsons Metro East. So many good memories there because it was so close to the house I grew up in. Sadly, the mall was a mere shadow of itself already. A lot of closed shops and the mall looked a little run down.

Three o'clock came and I got into the line. It didn't take too long for me to get assessed as a transfer voter. That's step 1.

Step 1: The Interview. Voting is still both a right and a privilege so the assessor will help determine if you can vote.  You have to present your Valid ID's and the number. Make sure to photocopy your ID's - this will be attached to your form. I present my Driver's Licence and my UMID.

Step 2: Fill up the forms. It's back-back-to-back, 3 copies. You can do this form online but I always had problems when it came to transferring my residence that's why I ended up going to the satellite instead. Step: 3, pass the form with your thumbmarks on those 3 copies. 

Step 3: Pass your forms with the photocopy of your ID's and wait for your name to be called. It will be a breeze from here.

Step 4: Lineup for biometrics. 

I forgot there was biometrics and didn't even put any makeup at all. LOL! But this was easy. I smiled for the camera, signedmy name and my fingerprints (pointer and thumbmarks)


What to remember:

1. Going there without a schedule may not be a great idea for every district. It is still better to go there early in the morning to secure a time slot. BUT you can still try like I did and score yourself a one either way.
2. Visit COMELEC on facebook to see which satellite in your city you can go to and to check the available schedules.
3. Take your health into consideration. Schedule your registration at your optimal health condition. If you are feeling under the weather, do not go.
4. Follow all safety protocols. Wear mask and face shield at all times, and practice social distancing.
5. Get vaccinated. Why? Because is one the best way you can protect yourself from COVID-19 when exposing yourself to other people. To be very honest, I would not have gone through the voter registration if I didn't have a vaccine.
6. Get your makeup game on. If you're like me whose chance of seeing the outside world involves important trips, then you might as well whip out your favorite makeup. I missed this part so I hope you won't miss on yours.

I would have used my Vice Ganda Water Gel lip and cheek tint, that one lasts quite a while and leaves the nicest tinge on the lips. My favorite is F na F. Lakas maka-bagets. LOL. Then it would have been nice to color my cheeks, Ellana Minerals Paloma that I scored the last sale would have made me look flushed. And it would have been so nice to finally use my Benefit Brow Microfilling Pen in Medium Brown

The good thing is I didn't forget my sunblock nor did I forget to use the Belo SunExpert Translucent Loose Powder. It's been my go-to powder for setting my tinted sunscreen. Ang ganda lang talaga. Whoever formulated this has high expectations.

All in all, I'm glad that the process for voter registration wasn't as tedious. I'm grateful that COMELEC extended the registration period and provided satellites for our convenience. I have been remiss of this duty. It is a right that we need to exercise that I didn't realize until I had kids. I just really feel bad that they are ot enjoying the life they are supposed to because of poor governance. I am also grateful for my local community that our Mayor is doing the best he can and the rest of the people in our local government to give us a semblance of normalcy. Aside from my cooperation as a "mamamayan", I would like to give my vote to those who are truly capable of it.

I hope this encourages you to vote. You still have until October 31 to do so. It may take a whole day and a whole day's paycheck but what is it compared to another 6 years of suffering for us and our kids.

VISIT https://irehistro.comelec.gov.ph/cef1 to for online registration of visit the nearest COMELEC office in your local community.

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