SkinWhite - Your perfect skin whitening BFF

I just love a good whitening lotion and a top favorite is SkinWhite Advanced Power Whitening Lotion SPF 20. With over a decade under its belt, Skin White remains to be a top contender as a whitening lotion for many Filipina. Matter of fact, I see this lotion being imported to different countries for its appeal to all Filipinas all over the over.

Not to mention that SKinWhite smells great on its own. But their patented InstantWhite technology makes them more mabenta for its efficacy.

What to love:

It smells really great. - being home all day doesn't really call for me to whiten my skin, unlike the pre-pandemic times. So right now, I like to enjoy the scents of lotion. The scent is powdery-floral and lingers nicely onto my skin that I can opt not to use a cologne anymore. 

It applies to the skin really well and absorbs easily. - this is the reason why a lot of people even my family abroad loves lotions from the Philippines. We have perfected consistency that is appropriate for our weather - light, airy and absorbs easily onto the skin.

It moisturizes the skin - the often downside of whitening is its ability to make the skin drier. But SkinWhite moisturizes the skin well. 

It's affordable - only 300 for a 350ml bottle and get it as a bundle for 700 with freebies and FREE SHIPPING.

And to add, there's are other products that you can check out from SkinWhite.

A lot of their products have are 30% OFF. Start your hoiday shopping by scoring these bundle deals. Other than SkinWhite, there are other brands participating! Look out for these Skinwhite must-have bundle deals at 15% off and discounts from your favorite brands and shops at 90% off at Christmas in our Carts running from October 12 to December 25. Wishing your carts a Merry Christmas! 

Here is a gift guide to kick-off your holiday shopping:

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