New Products From Organic Skin Japan

Less is more is the prime philosophy of Organic Skin. Sharing with you their latest products and newest products that will go on SALE this 10.10 Brands Festival. 

Organic Skin Japan Booty Scrub can improve the appearance of butt acne after each use. Add this to your routine to cleanse away acne-causing bacteria! Suggested to use every other day, or as needed to boost confidence in your bikini area to get that clear, soft supple cheeks.

I enjoyed this product a lot. The granules are gentle enough on my booty. It feels good to have a product dedicated to my tushies. It smells good and best of all, affordable at only P189.

Organic Skin Japan Purity Wash will give you confidence in your intimate area while keeping it protected. It is the Perfect hygiene care as it gently cleanses your delicate area, regulating the normal flora and slightly acidic pH to prevent infection and odor formation. This product will keep you cool and fresh all day long. 

The Purity Wash is simple gel cleanser for the intimate parts. 

Organic Skin Japan 4x Intensive Whitening White & Bright Spray Face Mist 

with Hyaluronic Acid 100ml

ORGANIC SKIN JAPAN WHITE & BRIGHT SPRAY is the efficient, on the go, Face Brightening product that refreshes dull, and tiresome skin.  It replenishes nutrients, hydrates and locks in moisture to give your skin the boost to stay fresh all throughout the day.

Organic Skin Japan 4x Intensive Whitening Complete 5-Step Set

Organic Skin Japan 4x Intensive Whitening Complete 5-Step Set is for achieving a more even skin tone. It has 4x Whitening action from 4 different elements and ensuring greater whitening effect. Together with Kojic Plus+, a more holistic skin whitening regimen in one intensive whitening set is achieved.

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