Your Favorite Head & Shoulders Now Comes in a 420 ML!

The long wait is over πŸŒΈπŸƒ

Head and Shoulders has got a NEW refill pouch that is NOW AVAILABLE! Perfect for refilling the 450mL pump bottles. I've been thinking of this for so long and have been on the lookout at our favorite groceries and on Shopee!

Head and Shoulders been a staple at the Cala-ors. As someone who dealt with dandruff for a while and has bouts of it depending on the season and related stress issues, we need this best-selling shampoo at home. And of course, it's DH's favorite shampoo! He loves the cooling sensation of COOL Menthol. 

Of course, it's not only the dandruff-eradicating powers. H&S has 3 Action Formula the Cleanses, Protects, and Moisturizes. Results in my years of usage have made my hair only 100% dandruff-free & itch-free and also protects my scalp. In fact, it's been known to protect the scalp for up to 72 hours between washes without stripping away its moisture!

And now that it comes in a 420ML refill, I can reuse Head & Shoulders shampoo bottles and feel a little bit better at reducing plastic waste for the environment. 

• 3 ACTION FORMULA: Cleanses, Protects, and Moisturizes

• With regular use, Head & Shoulders helps you to be 100% dandruff-free & itch-free! It also protects your scalp for up to 72 hours between washes, without stripping away its moisture.

• NOW IN REFILLS – Reuse your favorite Head & Shoulders shampoo bottles and save up to 50% LESS PLASTIC

Buy bigger bottles, refill with NEW Head & Shoulders refill pack πŸƒ It has 420mL volume of shampoo, perfect for refilling your pump bottles!

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