Here’s how you can win up to P1,000,000 from #PayMayaguinaldo!

Christmas may be over but the gift-giving from PayMaya never stops! PayMaya has been my go-to app this year. Even amidst the pandemic, it has proven to be a partner to guide us through the New Normal. 

Personally, using this app has made my life a lot easier - especially since contactless payments is a lot safer and more convenient these days. I use it to pay for my gas at Petron, my groceries at Landers, and even random purchases at the SM Store. I usually pay via QR because I enjoy the cashbacks and exclusive promos that make paying more exciting. For me, there are so much more benefits from going cashless via PayMaya than paying with express cards or flat-out cash. 

And this holiday season, on top of the countless exclusive deals PayMaya is offering its customers, they’re also giving us the ultimate aguinaldo for the holiday season. This is their PayMayaguinaldo raffle promo!

In this raffle, PayMaya is giving away P1,000,000 to a lucky user, plus a share of P285,000 worth of prizes on a weekly basis. All you have to do is pay via PayMaya – which most of us are already doing long before December!

If this peaked your interest, here’s a quick guide on how to earn raffle entries to get a chance to take home P1,000,000!

REMEMBER: You get one raffle entry for every P100 purchase, the more you spend the more raffle entries you will earn!

I can’t share enough how good it feels to use PayMaya. Everywhere we go now is determined whether they have a #ScanToPay option. And when I’m looking for food deliveries, I opt for PayMaya payment. I just feel safer using it.

Craving for that sumptuous Crispy Beef Strips and delicious Xiao Long Bao? PayMaya came to the rescue because Din Tai Tung has an option for me to pay via my PayMaya-registered Mobile. 

KUYA J’s algorithm has perfectly targeted me because it was twice when they had Crispy Pata promos that we have ordered from them.

Going to SM has been one of the things I look forward to now because it so rarely happens because of the quarantine. When school opened and we had to purchase some supplies, we opted for SM department store. Everything we needed was there and we didn’t have to spend all day walking around the huge malls. 

From getting Claud new shirts for her online classes, snacks from the snack section, and school supplies at the Stationery area - they’ve got it all there! They now also have all the gadgets needed for online schooling. And best of all, I paid for my purchases using PayMaya QR. So convenient.

And this Christmas, we did the same thing and shopped for some essentials at the SM Store. While we bought some of the toys for the kids this Christmas at Toys R Us Holiday Sale.

Transferring funds from BPI to PayMaya right now is quick and doesn’t require a transaction fee. I’m impressed with how quick the transfers are as well. This is my preferred way to add money to my PayMaya account. 

We’ve used #ScanToPay a lot! I barely have any cash on me right now. Even sending loads to my kasambahay, I use PayMaya. 

And how we are amazed that with every transaction we get alerts with the number of entries for a chance to win more from PayMaya!

And the best thing about it is that PayMaya has been so integrated in our lives right now that using it has become like a second nature to us. 

So join me in this new lifestyle and enjoy the perks of being a PayMaya User.

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