Healing my Quarantine Skin with SkinStation's Revitalight Laser Treatment

Guys, di ko na kinaya. I tried my best to stay at home and not give in but the offer from SkinStation was too attractive for me to resist. 

I really wanted to try their latest skincare procedure called Revitalight!

Revitalight is SkinStation's newest treatment that uses a combination of facial, diamond peel and Nd-Yag (Neodynium) laser to refresh and rejuvenate tired, dull skin! 

Revitalight has the following benefits:
  • Revitalizes instantly to give you younger-looking skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin from dull to glowing
  • Promotes collagen formation
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes pore size
Now, doesn't that sound appealing to you? It sure is for me! The past few months have been really bad for my skin. My skin is the type that needs external intervention. My enlarged pores are prone to whiteheads and blackheads that can't be removed by facial scrubs. And since it's been truly a while since my last facial cleansing, my skin was truly hungry for an intensive TLC.

Meet my Quarantine Skin

The lack of proper care, stress, and hormonal change have aged my skin. 

And since Revitalight seems to be a fitting facial that is safe and has no downtime, I decided to give it a try. 

I'm happy with the protocol of SkinStation that they are taking extra precautions for the safety of their clients and their personnel. My attendant was wearing full PPEs and was checked prior to entering Skin Station. I love the safety measure SkinStation is making for its clients.

The Nd-Yag laser machine at their SM Ortigas East Branch was located at the doctor's office - separate from the other location they do regular treatments.

The facial started with cleansing and extraction - this I was looking forward to even if it's painful. I had way too many comedones and I wanted to get rid of it. My attendant was able to get rid of the stubborn hardened blackheads on my cheeks and jawline.

The second part was a diamond peel using a diamond peeling machine. My attendant did two passes that did wonders for the rough texture along my forehead and jawline. 

The third part was the Nd-Yag laser. With the surface part of my skin cleaned, it was now time to deal with it internally and the laser penetrates deeper to stimulate collagen production and improve the skin texture instantly. You'll really feel the difference!

But how does it feel? Laser treatments are not really painless but Nd-Yag is particularly easy to tolerate. The Revitalight will make 3 passes across your whole face. The intensity increases with each pass. Depending on your skin sensitivity, you'll either feel a tickling feeling to slight discomfort. All of which won't last that long and will be done the minute the laser is done. 

Right after the treatment, you'll feel refreshed and you can already see that your pores have tightened slightly.

There will be two results you can expect from a Revitalight Session:

The Instant Result

Unlike other facials, Revitalight is what I would call a lunchtime facial. You target getting your skin clean and clear of comedones without suffering much redness in the process. You can do on your day without worrying you look like you just has a facial. 

The Longterm Result

Laser treatments have been proven to make skin look better in the long run so a few sessions (like all other treatments) should be done to enjoy its long-lasting benefits. But even just four days, my skin feels smoother, a lot more behaved, and brighter.

Here's my skin 4 days post-treatment, without makeup. 

I wish you can feel the before and after because that's where I see the true difference. The combination of quality cleansing, Diamond Peel, and Nd-Yag laser really took my skin back to its nicer form. My fine lines and wrinkles still have a long way to go but seeing the pictures, I can already see a slight difference.


I'm feeling more confident now to bare my skin. This only inspires me to get back on the grind of caring for my skin better. So if you're suffering from mask-acne or just shopping for good skin treatment, I suggest you give Revitalight a try. It's a great way to jumpstart your skin to its smoother, finer, and clearer complexion. 

A MUST! Wear sunscreen whenever you get a laser! Your skin is now more photosensitive and so you must protect it even from the blue rays of your screens and gadgets. 

I'm currently using the Dermax Professional UV Milk ANti-Aging Sunscreen. It's got an easy-to-apply formulation and doesn't irritate my skin.

Here are some questions that you might have about Revitalight?

Php3,000 (Ask the nearest SkinStation branch for on-going promos)

1 and half hour or 90 minutes

4 weeks

Of course, I will try 2 to 3 more Revitalight to prove that these results aren't just in my head and so that you know that it is really something worthy of giving it a try, enough that you'd have to leave the home and spend good money on it.

But for now, what do you think? Are you more of a laser type of gal or you'll stick to your chemical peels?


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