Health and immunity tips for moms and homemakers

The COVID-19 pandemic has made good health a priority globally. Our new normal is a way of life that’s characterized by social distancing, wearing masks and basically getting rid of bad habits that have accumulated through the years. The most important thing right now is our wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Watsons is the Filipino family’s partner in wellness and as the mother of two girls, I am very grateful to have a place where we can get vitamins and over-the-counter medications for the common cold, fever and body pains.

Here are a few recommendations from Watsons on keeping your immunity strong and your family healthy.

Exercise helps keep the body fit and the mind sharp. During exercise, your body releases chemicals that can improve your mood and for a mom and homemaker like me, that’s very important. It also increases the body’s immunity so my husband Ron and I make sure that our kids get a lot of physical activity, too. We take walks, dance to the kids’ favorite tunes or do simple cardio workouts that are also kid-friendly. Sometimes, I ask Claud to help me by doing simple chores like folding clothes or cleaning up their toys.


They say you are what you eat and this is very true. To boost the family’s immunity, I try to include antioxidant-rich foods in our meals. These include onions, garlic, pumpkins, carrots, lean meat and milk. My kids are not very picky eaters. They just want their food to taste good. It’s still a challenge to make food that they all will like so I look for recipes on the Internet. These days, Ron and I end our meals by enjoying some Nutrabliss by Watsons Tea.


Getting adequate sleep helps increase our body’s defense against sickness. It’s so easy to stay up all night and binge-watch our favorite TV shows but Ron and I are trying to set an example for the kids. I set a proper time for sleeping, 8 p.m. for the girls and 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. for us. I’ve also realized when I feel that I’m about to get sick, I sleep really early and when I wake up, I feel so much better. One of the things that has helped our family’s sleeping habits is turning off the TV early, like around 5:30 p.m. before we have dinner at 6:30 p.m. By 7:30 p.m., the girls are washing up and preparing to go to bed.


We’re supposed to get all our vitamins from the food we eat but truthfully, that’s not very realistic right how.  We take vitamins every day to strengthen our family’s immunity. We all know Vitamin C is critical for family members of all ages. Of course, we stock up on Watsons Generics Ascorbic Acid.

But Vitamin C isn’t the only vitamin that can keep you healthy, Conzace Soft Gel—rich in Zinc, Vit. A, C, and E—helps boost immunity and promote healthy hair and skin. Myra E 400IU is also rich in Vitamin E that helps fight cell damage. My kids take Growee Syrup (I will make them drink Cherifer PGM with Zinc capsules when they are older) to support their growth and help their body become stronger.

Supplements are a great way to give your health an extra boost. Being outdoors could mean exposure to environmental factors that may cause damage to our skin and body. I make sure to keep that healthy glow from within with supplements like MET Tathione, NU Essence Collagen and Organique Acai Juice. You can also keep your defenses up with supplements that harness the power of natural ingredients such as MX3 capsules and Watsons Generics Malunggay + Mangosteen.
Preparedness is key to protection, so make sure you have your health essentials (which I get from Watsons) to help your home stay ready for any illness or emergency. Ascof Forte Syrup, Strepsils and Prosource Extra Virgin Coconut Oil are staples in our medicine cabinet. I also always have a bottle or two of Biogenic Ethyl Alcohol.

Watsons continues to provide your family's health essentials in any of its stores nationwide. You can also order online at or call selected branches to have your orders delivered. For contact details of branches near you, you can check out this list:  

When you shop, use your Watsons Card to earn points and get a chance to win a UV Care Deluxe Germ Terminator, Super Power UV Vacuum or Smart Robot UV Vacuum with a minimum purchase of Php500 on select health items. Promo runs until June 24, 2020.

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