I know how most moms can relate how crazy the past three weeks have been cooped up at home with active children and husband adjusting to work-from-home condition. And if you live in a condo like I do, then the smaller space has probably given you a cabin fever already. We are taking every precaution to care for ourselves physically but we can’t discount the fact that this quarantine can wreak havoc on our mental health.

It’s so important right now that you take a minute and give yourself some much needed TLC. Take a step back from the piled up laundry, leave the kitchen for a bit, and CARE FOR YOURSELF. 

Impossible? NOPE! It isn’t. I listed down some things that would allow you some time to relax and not get caught up with the daily chores and caring for the kids!


If you’ve been slaving away in the kitchen and thinking of another dish to cook would surely drive you crazy? Well, give in to the cravings and order in from a restaurant or fast food. 

I’ve been craving for cookies for weeks now. Good thing, APERITIF AND BEN’S COOKIES are accepting orders through their websites! If you have a PayMaya account, you can easily pay for your purchase online using your PayMaya virtual or physical card. 

Salud Restaurant in Marikina is also open for deliveries. If you’re looking to help feed some frontliners or your guards, they have pre-packed meals that you can pay for as well. Their mode of payment is via bank transfers, which you can easily do with your PayMaya app. I recommend getting their Pinagulong Pancit for a longer life!


If you’re running out of activities to do with the kids and keeping them away from their gadgets is getting harder by the day, then order in Kid’s Activity sets from Joan Miro and Oli’s Boxship. They have several products that will surely entice your kids to get creative. No need to prepare anything, the kits will contain everything you need. 


During this quarantine period, online payment options like PayMaya are more convenient than ever. With this on-hand, you can easily pay for groceries online and have your essentials delivered to your doorstep. You can also do this for your parents and grandparents who may be living away from you, as they are the ones who need to stay at home.


By that I mean, some mobile games. I’ve rekindled my love for mobile gaming and boy am I hooked! I’ve recently discovered that I can purchase gaming pins in my PayMaya app. Just go to the Load function of your app, tap load packages and choose the Steam package you want to get. You can also give some to your children BUT ONLY if they’ve been good and helped you with the chores.
Consider it a rewards system to make tasks fun for them!


I love watching Youtube tutorials on water coloring and design but I need to level up so I’m signing up on SKILLSHARE.COM. They currently have a free trial and you only have to pay after it. I’ve done this before and I used my PayMaya account to pay for one month subscription since I enjoyed learning calligraphy on the platform. I also love the free online classes from CommonRoom on Instagram!

For your kids, there’s Promil I-Shine that offers free classes like piano and dancing lessons. There are also tons of Facebook groups that you can join for tutorials. If you’re thinking of home-schooling, Homeschoolers of the Philippines group you can join.


We might be physically distancing ourselves but we can still socialize digitally. Thanks to Facetime, Facebook Messenger Video Call, and Zoom, we can talk to our friends and family anytime! An hour of conversation and seeing a loved one can do wonders for your mental health! 
I make sure to talk to a friend every other day to check up on them either through chat or call. I think it’s also important to emotionally distance yourself from the members of your household even just for a short amount of time. Talking to friend is a great way to do that. 


As a mom and a beauty blogger at heart, the most effective way for me to get back on the grind is to care for myself. A little face mask here, longer shower time, or as simple as applying a lip tint perks me up! If you don’t have these on hand, there are still some online shops that deliver! Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourselves during this time. We all have our own ways in coping with our current situation.

Now, weren't these suggestions convenient enough to do in the confines of your homes? With PayMaya as our payment buddy to help us through it, we can enjoy staying at home and not get caught up with the stress this physical distancing is causing our mental health. 

How to sign up? Visit or download the app via App Store or Google Play or visit to know more on how you can maximize your PayMaya account!

And if you are up to it and interested in helping out, join PayMaya’s #OneAgainstCOVID19 and donate to the many organizations that have partnered with them. If you’re already a PayMaya user, just go to the Pay Bills section of your PayMaya app and look for the organizations with #OneAgainstCOVID19 in their name. If you’re not yet a PayMaya user, simply go to 

PayMaya is the best and most secure way to pay for your needs during this quarantine time. So what are you waiting for, make life a little bit more bearable and download PayMaya now!

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