PHP100K Awaits the Solane Kitchen Pro Chef's Edition GRAND WINNER

2019 is surely a busy one for Solane LPG! They recently started their search for the best chef in 16 Regions in the Philippines to be a part of Solane' Kitchen Hero Chef's Edition competition!

This regional-to-national cooking tilt will go from North to South to find a new generation of talented chefs! If that doesn't sound and umm.. tastes mazing, I don't know what is.

Can you imagine discovering a new way to cook adobo, a dish that serves exotic ingredients hailed from our native soils? 

From what I gather, judges Adobo Queen Nacy Reyes-Lumen and World-reknowned Chef Sau Del Rosario is looking not only talent but one that can be truly called a HERO! Somone with a great personality that many cn look up to! This competition is surely borne of passion for delicius food, but don't think that it is just about gret cooking skills.

Chef Sau gave an inspiring speech for the new wave of chefs. ANd that's to love who youa re, the Filipino roots that you have so that you will find the love that your dish will need. Chef Sau has been a catalyst in introducing Filipino cuisine to the world and that because his devoltion to Filipino food. Born and raised Kapampangan, it seemed ingrained in this blood and mind to be a chef of many great Filipino dishes and I do hope that the contestant talented enough to be a part of Solane's Kitchen Pro competition will take to heart what they can learn from him.

This undertaking is a labor of love and passion for food. Integrity also place a key role as Solane's main brand character. Valeri Villar, Marketing Manager, share that their search has both been challenging and fulfilling and they are amazed with the talents they are discovering. Like singing, cooking seems to be a trait that comes naturally to us Filipinos.

I've always been a fan of cooking competitions and it's nice to see that there is one I can look forward to that will be an all-Filipino talent. I can't wait to see what's going to happen.

Starting May 24, 2019, Solane will travel to different parts of the Philippines in search for the best in each of these regions.

Central Luzon
Ilocos Region
Cagayan Valley Rehion
Bicol Region
Eastern Visayas
Central Visayas
Western/Central Visayas
Western Visayas
Region IX Zamboanga Peninsula + ARMM (Tawi-tawi, Basila, Sulu)
Northen Mindanao
Caraga Region
Davao Region


Featured ingredients/used - 50%
Recipe must include one (1) local ingredient inherent to the province being represented
ex. Davao - Durian
Originality and Creativity - 50%
Must show creatively a tested recipe which corresponds to the local ingredients. Photo and plating must show personal touch and inspiration.

P100,000.00 and a culinary trip to Japan awaits the grand winner!

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