Maymay's Beauty Secret Revealed

Maymay Entrata has a humbling beauty. She's what I would call, a beauty who grows in itself. Her potential seems to be only the tip of the iceberg and it looks like we are going to see more of her. No wonder that she is now the face of Megan Beauty. Like Maymay, Megan is also a rising star in the beauty game. Offering products at competitive prices. Can you believe that their masks starts at only 25 Pesos?

I got a chance to sit and listen to Maymay as she was introduced to be the face of Megan Beauty. A Filipina beauty representing a Filipino beauty brand. Maymay has an unassuming attitude. Believing once that she is not the beauty we all know she is. Her practical nature, focusing on her talents and skills made her the star she is. Making her the best choice for Megan Beauty who also boast results in their products but also addressing the major skin concerns of all Filipinas.

Ganda mo!

Super funny beacause she was so in awe of all the blown-up photos of her! Doesn't she look like a Miss Universe candidate in this standee?

This are all the products that Megan Beauty, growing from peel-off gel mask to a wide array of easy-on-the pocket beauty arsenals that we all can use.

Their current best-sellers, the peel-off masks.

Papaya for Whitening
Charcoal for Cleansing
Cucumber for Calming
Collagen Gold for Anti-aging

Megan do not discriminate despite having a young brand advocate, their products are made for all ages, both men and women.

Their peel-off masks also comes in tubes, only P99!

Maymay's personal favorite is the Nose Pore Strips that effectively removes stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. Another favorite is also the Hydro Cool Eye-Gel Patch that you can see her using on her instagram. This is only P50!

I prefer the sheet masks and I do love both the Volcanic Ash Extract and the one with Collagen Extract. The first to reduce acne, while the other is to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

They also have Makeup Remover Facial Wipes coming out real soon.

Other skin products include Sunscreen, Facial Wax Strips, Body Wax Strips and Exfoliating Foot Mask.

And not to leave the hair, Megan Beauty also will be offering permanent hair color in Brown Black and Hair Spa conditioners.

Looking at their products, Megan is indeed like Maymay, multi-faceted and multi-talented. Megan to care for our skin while Maymay to inspire and entertain us. If you happen to see Megan Beauty at your local drugstore or beauty department, give it a try! Promise, you'll love it and so will your wallets, too!

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