Look Good and Feel Great This Holiday From Watsons

It's that time again in our lives when we start to put aside all the bad feelings. It's that time we are more giving, more forgiving. And ain't that just what the spirit of Christmas is all about. Celebrating the birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ, who always gives us the best of blessings.

This year, Watsons kicks of Holiday with this heartwarming video that truly embodies what their brand is all about... Feel Good, Look Great. When we start with ourselves, to better who we are, everything else follows. Whether we start at putting on a lipstick we love, keeping with the habit of using a mouthwash and drinking our supplements, somehow it's all connected. I know personally that when I take care of myself, I take better care of my family.

A friend once told me that we can't give from an empty cup. It's this learning that keeps me motivated to give myself some caring. This transcends to how i take care of my family, especially my children. Likewise, my mind is clearer that I tend to my duties properly and I get to give time for my friends and help them out, too.

If you are in that phase in your life where in you feel you don't have much left to give, I encourage you to take a step back and re-evaluate. It may seem mundane but for me, it starts with a good hot bath. A time in the shower always seems to clear my head.

This Holiday where most of us have extra time to spend with your family, take time to spend it on yourself. Treat yourself with a shopping. Not that you have to spend a lot. I like going to Watsons and buy loofahs, bath soaps, and other bathroom and vanity essentials. Trying out their affordable options makes me realise that these are fun gifts to families. No one will say no to a good nude lipsticks, a hair serum and facial masks!

The recently launched Watsons Holiday video (http://bit.ly/Watsons_Wish_FB) that has people of different ages break into the tune of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” reminds us that taking good care of ourselves inside and out is what makes a truly merry Christmas. They will teach us how to look good, feel great this busy holiday season.

“It’s gonna be a great Christmas and a healthy new year” is one of the lines from the video.  With your family, friends and Watsons this holiday, you surely know you can look and feel great.

So, indulge and take this merry season to give your self a reason to look and feel great

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