This Star Margarine Story Book distracts Claud from Youtube!

We found out about the Star Margarine app and Claud is hooked. It even stops her from watching Youtube! Yey! It's called Dinosaur and Friends Story Book. It's fun web app that you can open with any of your devices. I make sure that I know what Claud uses on her iPad. It's so hard to keep track nowadays so as much as possible I try to be the one to introduce things for her to open and play with. And she's pretty happy with this one.

Like with any app, you have to sign up. The cute thing about this is that it makes you take a picture with your child and it will get uploaded on to the dinosaur. Claud loves that part! And so she's Claud the Dinosaur and I'm the mommy Dinosaur.

Naturally, it's a Star Margarine so it's all about nutrition and the importance of breakfast. It reminds us mommies to provide the best food for our children. Of course, that's not always possible so it's good we become discerning. One of the things Claud loves is Star Margarine with cheese on her pandesal. It's a sure way for her to have the energy she needs all day!

Ang cute namin noh? Hehehe!

Energy is top of mind when it comes to having a 4 year old so I make sure she has lots of baon with her. Star Margarine has the same thoughts. Claud the Dinosaur is made to choose from different locations. There's Coaster Hills Adventure, Cheer Valley, Boulder Bridge and Hero Canyons. Each location has an adventure. From Riding a rollercoaster that reminded Claud of Enchanted Kingdom to Cheer Valley where she danced with Chello and her friends.

We open this app the moment Claud gets home from school as it helps her relax and enjoy. It also allows me to bond with her before I go off to events in the afternoons.

So momshies, if you want a new thing to keep the kids busy, this is the app for you! Visit!

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