Bang's by Tony & Jackey revived my hair and here's how it looks like!

Gone are the days that I try to wrestle with my hair to follow my command. Now I just keep it up and make sure it's out of way. When there's an important event, I blow dry and that's it. I didn't want an upkeep because it's just not something my life could accomodate right now. But was I bothered? Heck, yeah!

So I finally caved in and scheduled an appointment with Bang's by Tony and Jackey Salon. They invited me to try their West Ayala Condominiums branch. Which by the way, if you're looking for salon where in you can secure a sit immediately, this is the place to go. The place is huge with lots of sits. They are often packed on weekends so it wouldn't hurt to visit them after work.

I love the space, there were no blaring music but just enough to enjoy the rythym of the songs. Staff were attentive to all customers despite us being there. Note that areas have sockets you can use to charge your phones with. Ang saya di ba?

I came in wanting to let the Korean stylist decide what to do with my hair. But they asked what I wanted and so I told Sir Dave that my problems were my grey hair and roots. I also told him I wasn't ready for a rebond session because of the downtime. No shower for 3 days was no-no in this heat! Not when I'm practically at home most days now.

There were some interpreting needed between the Korean stylist and the assistants but they pretty much know how to communicate my requests that I wasn't worried at all. I also love that Sir Dave knew exactly the color to suggest. Nothing too loud. He chose Ash Brown 8.1 under L'Oreal Color. After which he recommended I dos Mucota Scena Clinic Treatment for my damaged hair.

I saw also saw how good they were at reviving blonde hair! As in ang galing! If you're thinking of doing a full blonde, they're great at it.

So this is my hair before. A little worn out na and fall

Love this visor they put on you. It's also disposable for hygiene purposes.

Sir Dave, checking my hair. 

When it comes to hair color, they were generous. I've been to salon wherein I can feel that they were trying to make "tipid" but Bang's ensured my hair was colored from roots to tips.

So relieved to not see a grey hair in sight!

After hair color, we proceeded to the Mucota Scena Clinic Treatment. This a Japanese-technology hair care system that helps revive damaged hair. I've been bad with the hair upkeep lately so you can feel the dryness at the ends. Oh! This is also organic! Steps varies and you can ask for recommendation which one is best for you.

I noticed that Bang's is generous with the Mucota Ethos and Brava after they shampooed off the hair color. They said that this takes out chemicals from the hair so it will absorb the other products well. After which a creamy Muscota Adel was applied from roots to tips. Steamer and infrared were used to boost the vitamins and minerals from both products. Then they proceeded the last step, Mucota Colare. This last step is the one that gives back the shine and softens the hair. In between, they would spray in Mucota Brava all over my hair.

I seriously can't remember much about the steps coz I was having such a great time. I had the full system which cost P6500 (Now 50% OFF!) The treatment took a while, it was actually the respite I was looking for. I was even able to blog! No screaming or crying kids, chores to think about. It was just me, my laptop and the assurance I will leave my salon chair looking fabulous!

Madam na madam!

Sir Dave also suggested trimming my hair. He noticed how heavy my current cut is and he wanted me enjoy my new hair color with a cut that's easy to mange.

Oh! Pwede na ba akong K-Drama actress? Hahaha!

One of the things I noticed with getting my hair cut with any T&J is that they don't do the full blowdry. They only use it to get the wetness out of the hair then they will use an iron to style it. Sir Dave has this flicking technique that you have to see for yourself. It's like him saying that he's the boss of your hair! 

The end result is a pretty flawless hair style. My hair looks rich and lustrous. 

Hair revived? Yes! I've been blowdrying my hair on my own and never did my hair feel so soft and silky. The last time my hair looked this great was ages ago! Mommies, you need this!

Ganda ko di ba?

And they are having a promo!
Hair color and Mucota Scena Clinic Treament is currently at 50% off!
Only 3500-4000 now for the Mucota Scena!

It's not joke that you will leave Bang's looking like a KPOP or KDrama star. 

Definitely recommending them if you're looking for a highly effective hair treatment for your damaged hair. 

Visit Bang's by T&J at West Ayala Condominiums. Look for Sir Dave and my angels here!

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