Encourage Your Child's Creativity with Barbie

The look in your baby's eyes the moment she fell in love with her with Barbie. It's iconic and incredibly heart-warming. Mommies must feel this way all the time. It's so hard not to feel nostalgic and look-back on your very first glimpse of Barbie.

Given how impressionable our children are, I could not ask for better way to introduce Barbie to my child than the recently held Barbie Creative Play event at SM Mall of Asia. Nothing could have made me happier than seeing her wide-eye awe with each Barbie that she saw but more so because she learned that Barbie is one of the best way to awaken her imagination though Play. 

There are a lot of ways that you can help you mold your childrens skill through Barbie dolls.

1. Designing new dress for Babrie.

When I was a kid, I remember my aunt helping us draw Barbie dresses on scratch papers. We would cut it up and tape it around Barbie. It seems a little lame, but this actually trained my dexterity. 

2. Craft small things for Barbie's house.

Or make one yourself with your child. Getting crafty is easy when you have the right frame of mind. Though nothing woud mae us happier than actually having a Barbie House of our own, having a project that you and your child can work on is a great motivation. We can even involve daddy for the bigger and tougher parts of the project.

3. Story-telling/Doll Theater

I can't remember how many time we have used our Barbie dolls as heroines of our story-telling. My cousins and I would make up story and use Barbie to re-enact them. I can't remember the stories but I remember having a lot of fun. And isn't that what we hope for us kids?

Observing Claud here, I learned that she liked things in order. She puts back the small toys where they belong. So whenever she's making a mess or that she's getting too lazy to pack our things, I remind her that our house is like Barbie's house, everything should be in its proper place. She can't argue with that.

I want my daughter to see Barbie as I saw Barbie. A toy that is so fun to play with. I never dreamt to look like Barbie. I never had a distorted image of myself because she had long blonde hair, tiny waist and legs for days. Barbie was my friend, when it's gloomy and rainy outside and I can't come out to play, she and I got to go out even when we were indoors. We played bahay-bahayan, lutu-lutuan and my favorite, grocery-grocerihan. When I'm in the car and bored out of my wits and my parents wouldn't pay attention to me, I told her stories and we looked out the window and looked for Pendong Cars. I always win, of course. 

But Barbie was great at taking the sidelines. To her, I'm the bida and she's there just heping get to where I need to get to.

I want the same for Claud and at the same time I want more. Bt we dot to admit that moms do get tired and they need to work. It's great to know that I can leave her with her Barbies because I know she sees them the same way I do. A friend.

This look! I feel I did a good job when she gifts me with her sweet smile and embrace.

Love you, Claudey Pie.

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