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Set a get together with your best friends or have a mini family reunion. Honestbee’s Group Order feature makes it possible for everyone to pick something they like. Have them download the food and grocery delivery app, agree on a restaurant that you want to order from (preferably one that has group meals such as The Party Kitchen or Mesa), and find the button that says “Group Order”. 

  1. Share your link with friends
Once you click on the “Group Order” button, a shareable link will be generated. Share this with your friends and family so that they can gain access to your cart. Note that the link given expires in 30 minutes. Having a stable internet connection would be ideal to make the process quicker. 
  1. They add food to your cart
Everyone you sent the link to can now pick a dish and drop it directly in your cart. Don’t hesitate to add dessert because there’s always room for it. You might also want to order extra food just in case – you never know when an unexpected guest might turn up. 
  1. You pay
When your order is finalized, you will be able to see a list of the dishes you ordered and the total amount. If you are feeling generous, you could pay for everything yourself or have everyone chip in to settle the bill. The sooner you checkout, the sooner your food arrives. 
  1. Dig in and enjoy your meal, together
Now that your food has arrived, it’s time to dig in! You could take pictures of the food for your social media accounts but don’t keep your stomachs waiting or let the food go cold. Last but not the least, enjoy the meal with people you love and care for the most.

What an awesome way to dine in with your friends without the hassle of taking the order yourself! 

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