Because You're More Perfect Than Know

Let's get straight to the point and just celebrate this Mother's Day. Let's not wallow on the times we cried alone inside the bathroom because of all our frustration. Let's not think about how tired we were or are at this very moment. Because let's face it, our circumstances aren't perfect... but what we know for sure, to our chidlren... we are. And if you don't know just yet, we are more than enough for them.

When I learned about my pregnancy last year, I let all the doubts and fears overcome me. I was a such a mess! But now that I get to hold my second born in my arms and see how well Claud is taking it all in, it showed that this is exactly where I am needed to be.

I really can't imagine my life now without these two cuties. They make up such a huge part of me now and I'm so head over heels in love with them. So stop doubting and stop the fears, at least one hour of your each day. LOL!

And boy did this Watson's video tugged at the heartstrings and didn't help at all with my still-hormonal body! Be ready with the tissues. This is a tear jerker. I cried buckets after watching this and just held my children after.

Happy Mother's Day to us!

#LookGoodFeelGreat #WatsonsPH

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