Skin Treatments You Can Do Even When Pregnant

Luminisce's second home just opened near me!

As you all know, I'm a big fan of Dra. Kaycee. he's an amazing dermatologist who don't oversell her services. One of the classiest dermatologist who only provide effective treatments to her clients. So I was one of the happy clients to hear the great news she made Podium a second home!

You'd think that a pregnant woman like me has no business going to the dermatologist but it's actually the best course to do instead of scourging the counters for skincare to try. Pregnancy can be accompanied by many skin problems and seeing an expert may actually point you to a better and safer options.

Luminisce prides itself in its personalized services, to offer what is best for each of their clients. And that's exactly what she did for me, pregnant at 5 months when I visited her at her Podium clinic.

As a new mom herself, Dra. Kaycee knew exactly what I needed. With our skin changing during this blessed time, she recommend I do Luminisce' signature Luxury Facial for the face and Coquille Peel for the parts of the body affected by the skin darkening brought on hormonal changes during pregnanct.

Luxury Facial is an indulging facial procedure that is safe for expecting moms. It deep cleanses the pores and properly remove bacteria-causing acne and oil. Products used are safe for the skin and has moisturizing ingredients. Effects are radiant looking skin and minimised pores good up to 2 weeks!

It's a pain-free procedure that concentrates on letting the ingredients get absorbed onto the skin. Everything smells nice and not chemically. The relaxing massage allows for the products to seep on to my skin and at the same time lulled me to sleep. I was also treated to an oxygen facial that enlivens my skin.

Luxury facial requires use of some Luminisce exclusive machines but rest assured all is safe for expecting moms. First of which is a special machine with electric currents safely pass through the skin  to lift and revitalize it. And my favorite signature oxygenating machine with it's cool pressurized oxygen air hydrates and open the pores! It's amazing how good my skin feels after these!

My skin a few weeks after the treatment. No visible breakouts! This is highly unlikely for me because during this time on my last pregnancy, my skin was ridden with hormonal pimples. The cleansing effect of Luxury Facial stopped acne from forming. Excuse eye bags and crazy hair, I was working non-stop in a cafe. But even stressed, my skin looked radiant and clear!

Coquille Peel - safe peeling solution for the body!

When pregnant, your body also go through a lot of changes! That includes darkening of the underarms, neck and groin area. I was quite happy that Dra. Kaycee told me that I could get Coquille Peel which utilizes Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) that is safe to use even when expecting This natural exfoliating cocktail helps shed rough skin and restore moisture. As much as I love to celebrate my body when I'm pregnant, I'm not awfully happy with some of its changes and I'm glad I have a go to treatment that will help with it.

The result is still the body changing according to the needs of creating a human life but none of the dark skin brought by excess dry skin cells that augment the pigmentation of the body. If you are apprehensive, I suggest doing this even before conceiving as a way to prepare your body.

Coquille peel is pain-free, natural way using fruit acids to reduce skin pigmentation on the areas of the body prone to trauma. It takes only a few minutes to do this treatment. From application that take about 15 minutes to set, and the removal with a neutralizer liquid. You may do this every two weeks. Once after giving birth to help your body return to its natural shade. Avoid immediate and thorough sun exposure to allow the acids work.

I love talking to Dra Kaycee, she is for the most precious asset of Luminisce, aside from the fact that she ensures that her clinics are equipped with the best machines and designed in the poshest interiors. Luminisce has become a haven from all walks of life as long as youthful glowing skin is your goal. Now more accessible for to us with the newly opened Luminisce at the equally posh mall, Podium. 

If you are interested in finding out the best treatments for your skin concerns, Luminisce is best at personalizing your needs with their various skin procedures and treatments. They also have the best home care skin care regimen that will help with your skin rejuvenation.

Visit them at their newest clinic, The Podium! Or at Luminisce Fort.

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