Breathe Easy With Omron Compair Nebulizer NE-C801

The week I found out I was pregnant was the same week we were ruling out Primary Complex on my eldest. You can just imagine the fear I was going through as a parent. Claud has been sickly since she started schooling and had an episode of Pneunomia last year. I am extremely paranoid when it comes to her being sick because I don't want Claud being misdiagnosed again. But having colds and cough apprarently was one of the hazaards of enrolling Claud. Being in an enclosed space with a roomful of children made for petri dish of viruses and bacteria. Thank God though that she didn't have PC and was cured with a round of antibiotics and salbutamol!

So to say that a nebulizer is an important gadget in our household is thorough understatement. With my asthma and Claud's frequent bouts of cough and colds, I made sure to have a nebulizer on hand. But I didn't know that there's so much that goes into the making of a nebulizer and with the wrong ones, underdosage is inevitable!

I learned this when I got introduced to Omron CompAir Nebulizer NE-C801. It's currently high mid-range nebulizer that is  easy on the pocket. Around 3,280 only for this unit.

There are several things that NE-C801 was able to provide that my nebulizer can't. One of which is the Virtual Valve Technology or VVT. This tech reduces medication with its proper conversion of prescribed medication into an aerosol of microscopic droplets that is easily inhaled. It boost efficient nebulization rate of 0.3 ml/min.

It is a myth that the bigger the air your compressor gives, the better ingestion of medication. You are actually wasting the medication through this old belief. It is actually the thinner the air, the better!

The VVT is quite easy to assemble, too!

Cleaning is also easy! 
Always clean every after use. How to clean? Simply submerge it in hot water to dissolve the medicine that tends to turn into a salt-like grains that gets stuck in the small hole of the valve. By no means you should stick a pin or a needle into any parts of the valve! Should you run into some problems, give OMRON a call and they can assist you.

It wasn't a surprise either that OMRON was able to deiver us a quiet and compact nebulizer kit. The quiet part is probably the selling feature for me. I hate the sound of typical nebulizers and the worst part is I get Asthma attacks at the middle of the night when all the people at home are sleeping. Talk about keeping everyone awake!

Look at how small it is! Definitely a plus to bring it anywhere with us. There isn't too much shaking on the machine either which is a plus for kids. Too much vibration causes my Claud to hate nebulizing because the effect lingers even after.

How easy it is to operate? With just a switch of button.

Easily replace the filter at the bottom part of the apparatus.

NE C-801 comes with several masks to accomodate child and adult users.

I definitely know now that my nebulizer is sub-par and needs an immediate upgrade! I can't believe you can fall in love with a nebulizer. But if you are like me who usually have asthma, then it's like finding getting the latest phone out there.

So if you're looking for a nebulizer, keep this brand in mind!

It is lightweight
Easy to use
Reduces medication wastage
Easy to clean
Less Vibration
Affordable enough

You can get OMROM Compair Nebulizer NE-C801 at Watsons and other drugstores nationwide.

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