Tiny Buds Baby Rice Powder Packs a Big Natural Punch!

What makes it awesome to be a parent these days are the wonderful things we get to discover about products we can use for our children. Now that I'm expecting again, there are more out there. It can get confusing, yes. But I find that being aware, reasearching and the good 'ol following your gut really helps in he;ping you decide what works for your babies. 

One of my latest discovery is Tiny Buds! They've been around for quite awhile now, featured in so many prublications, recommended by celebrity moms. And now, I get to give my thought on their best-selling Baby Rice Powder. 

Tiny Buds Baby Rice Powder

 "A premium quality baby powder made from 100% real rice grains. This biodegradable and hypoallergenic baby powder is completely free from harmful talc and other chemicals. It repels water which allows sweat to evaporate naturally and it is also rich in protein and amino acids. This makes Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder perfectly unique in keeping baby’s skin healthy, fresh, moisturized and dry from perspiration. Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is internationally awarded and trusted by Pediatricians."

With so many negative reports about talc powder, I have to be honest that I've been using them still on myself. It's been really hard to quit the habit because I grew up using regular baby powder on myself. With Claud though, I have discovered a lot of ways to not use baby powder on her. One of which is use rice powder, cornstarch and cream-to-dry baby lotions.

When I heard the raves on Tiny Bud's Baby Rice Powder, I wanted to try it. Thankfully though I found them free to sample at Sampleroom.ph. For free, I was able to try one of the many things I was really excited about.

And quess what? We loved it! It's an amazing formula that leaves the skin soft and safe from harmful chemicals. Rice is also one of the best natural ingredients to use in many cosmetic products. Japanese Geishas actually use rice powder for their infamous Kabuki faces.

Claud and I enjoyed using Tiny Buds' Baby Rice Powder!

We even used it on her baby bear!

Well, if she isn't a budding beauty blogger!

With the natural ingredients that's only used, this momma ain't scared to let Claud play with the baby powder. Actually, I let her use this whenever she would see do my makeup. Isn't she just adorable?

We also got our hands on Tiny Bud's Tiny Remedies line!

Tiny Buds In A Rash Nappy Cream that I used on parts of her "bungang araw" and it helped relieved the itchiness and redness. If your skin feels a little dry, you can use this, too! This has olive oil, Tazman Berry and Sharomix 706 (also a Vitamin E). 

While the daddy used the After Bites Itch & Scratch Gel to help calm his skin from mosquito bites. Oh! You can use this post laser or chemical treatment because the ingredients are great for relieving the itchiness! It has Lecigel, Australian berry, and Vitamin E!

That's one of the things I discovered as a parent. Since the ingredients used in Tiny Buds' products are the purest and natural, I can use these on ourselves, too!

Tiny Buds After Bites - Natural Itch and Scratch Gel

A non-mentholated, non-greasy soothing gel carefully formulated with natural ingredients. It is specially formulated to instantly soothe itchiness and redness from insect bites. It is free from Paraben, Petroleum, & Artificial Colors. It is suitable for use on kids and babies with soft, sensitive skin. It is safe to apply on other minor skin irritations like cuts and bruises too. It is trusted by Pediatricians.

Tiny Buds In A Rash - Natural Nappy Cream

It is a natural nappy cream for diaper rashes and skin irritation. This light and non-sticky cream is petroleum-free. Made with calming Australian Berries that help reduce inflammation quickly and help keep skin healthy. It is safe to use for baby's face, body and nappy area.   

Try it! Visit Sampleroom.ph

Or you can purchase directly at www.tinybudsbaby.com and get 200 OFF!
Use SROOM917 as promo code.

Want me to review more Tiny Buds products, just comment below!

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