3-Step Korean Skin Care and My Tips to Getting the Korean Glow

Korean skincare used to intimidate me a lot. As a mom to an active toddler, i felt like their regimen is too tedious and not really for me skin. But it's innate in me to be curious about new ways to brighten skin. So like the next pinay I decided to delve myself into the world of Korean Beauty. And it was satisfying.

Korean beauty is all about fresh and dewy skin and that starts with a good cleansing routine. remove your makeup before going to bed, double cleanse and exfoliate the skin at least 2x a week to help the skin renew.

Consistency- be deliberate when doing your regimen. Korean women and men take an hour and half on average to do their nightly rituals. Though most of us don't have that luxury, having a 3-step skincare regimen day and night and doing it religiously everyday will have a huge impact on your skin. I consider these minutes as my time to reflect on the day as I slowly wash off the makeup and pollution off my skin. I love the satisfaction of seeing the excess dirt and residue on my cotton pad when I apply mysterious toner. As i use my moisturizer and do small massages on my face, i think of it as gift to take away the stress from my day.

Brightening is renewing your skin - though many may feel that any brightening done on the skin means you're not loving your natural golden color, I think that's just an excuse to be lazy in taking care of yourself. our skin renews every 30-45 days. I'm not sure if you notice your skin feeling rough in texture at a certain time of the month. This is the sign that your dead skin cells is sloughing of.  but as we age our body slows down and we it doesn't renew our skin evenly. This often leads to uneven of the skin, rough texture that leads to trapped dirt causing whiteheads, blackheads and acne. Dead skin cells need to be removed effectively to revive the perfect looking skin underneath. So it's not about loving your real skin color but actually removing the layers that by nature needs to be removed. And your regimen is a helping hand to reveal the the best version of your skin.

Moisture is your friend - i have oily skin and it took me a long time to realize that my skin needs more moisture. As I age, those drying skin regimen did my skin more damage than good. Our body is consisting of 60% water and our face is the most vulnerable part of the body to be void of it. This leads to premature aging, causing fine lines and wrinkles. It's important to replish the moisture that our skin has to sacrifice to survive the day. And to protect it as much as we can before we even expose them to harmful elements.

You reap what you sow - i have never met anyone who regretted taking care of their skin. From as simple as removing your makeup daily, applying serum everynight.. all of this makes a huge impact on your skin and you can see the results as early as the next day or even right after you wash your face.

Balanced Diet - Korean cuisine is so good with their mix of protein, vegetables and spices. They also advocate drinking plenty of fluids. Having a balanced diet plays a huge part in giving your skin that glow from within. Your momma was right when she said to eat your vegetables because this has great effects on your body but most especially to your skin.

Start today - did you know that there are still quite a number of Filipinas who uses body soaps as their skin regimen?  Many doesn't even know what sunscreen is. As advocates of beauty, let's encourage more women by making them aware that it's never too late to take care of their skin. That a simple regimen can renew and brighten skin instantly!

I had the pleasure of meeting the people behind MIYU, AMWAYS's exclusive Korean Skin care line. Dr. KyungJin "Jinnie" Kim and Dr. Hae Jo. These two look like they came out straight out of a Koreanovela show but nope, these doctors are legit and are integral part of Research and Development of AMWAY Korea.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Jo created MIYU with Filipino skin and practices in mind that will result to that much-coveted Korean Glow. And like my tips above, the experts share my own thoughts and they did a great job at giving us a 3-step beauty regimen that is simple but has awesome results. 

I'm so happy with the result of the AMWAY's MIYU that I am giving it away! Watch out for my next post because I'm sure a lot of you will love this giveaway!

What else about Korean Beauty are you interested in? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. K-Beauty is so interesting to me! they have so many really innovative products that i need in my life haha

    Andrew James - beautyandtheboy.com

  2. The brand, Miyu, is kind of new to my ears. It's exciting to know more korean brands here in the Philippines. I agree that the korean skin care routine is sort of intimidating and sometimes confusing (all those steps and wide variety of product selection *o* haha) but I enjoyed the research and trying out experience <33

    Abby Joy


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