Cream Silk's NEW Power To Transform Conditioners

I'm still not over with my hair. Still hate it even if other people loves it. I think some of them are jsut being nice. When I was in China the humidity magnified how awful my cut was. My hair was so frizzy that I kept applying oil to flatten it to a decent look. Nakakainis! Filipinas love their hair so imagine me facing a cut I don't like at all!

But we gotta deal with the card we're dealt with and so here I am still looking for solutions. I found some great ones and quite recently got curious with the revamped of the new Cream Silk Conditioners. We all know they have a lot of different conditioning solutions for every one. Actually it's like a customized solution for specific hair care needs.

I've always been a Standout Straight Girl. The scent got me hooked but the result made a me believer. It's really effective in keeping locks frizz-free for hours. And it's a great conditioner for those who want to maintain their rebonded and chemically-straightened hair. I dare you to ask any what conditioner Filipinas use when they got their hair rebonded or straightened. For sure they'll answer Cream Silk.

I couldn't be more civilian than this photo! Wearing my backpack on my front side because I had to ride a jeepney! If only our transportation system will improve the same way Cream Silk. Good thing my hair looks FINE! My hair really is manageable whenever I use Standout Straight. And since I just colored my hair, Color Protect couldn't have come at a better time.

The consistency of these conditioners are just right more, not too creamy that it weighs down my locks. It's creamy enough to have each coverage and enjoy

I'm so glad that Cream Silk is finally putting more Filipinas in their bottles. I think it's more relatable and a lot more enticing to get. After all we Filipinas do look up to these artists, especially Pia Wurtzbach, our very own Ms. Universe.

  • Dandruff Free (Julie Anne San Jose) for up to 100% dandruff free hair.
  • Dry Rescue (Yassi Pressman) for up to 97% dryness-free hair.
  • Color Protect (Rachelle Ann Go) for up to 80% color protection.
  • Damage Control (Nadine Lustre) for up to 97% damage protection.
  • Standout Straight (Heart Evangelista) for up to 4x straighter hair.
  • Hairfall Defense (Coleen Garcia) for up to 98% less hair fall.
  • Stunning Shine (Pia Wurtzbach) for up to 50% shinier hair.

Find out Cream Silk's #PowerToTransform at the nearest store near you!

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