Watsons Get Active and Get a chance Win an iPhone 7!

We go forward to doing what is good for our body and Watsons motivated me more with their recent #WatsonGetActive event. They invited chef Barni Alejandro to give a short demo on how to prepare healthy meals on-the-go using a simple mason jar as a container. Along side of it, I learned that I'm part of the 66 percent of Filipinos believe they have good knowledge on health, however surprisingly, 57 percent do not exercise regularly to stay healthy. This is from the research conducted by Watsons. It's part of their goals to improve the lives and health of Filipinos by inspiring them to take small steps to improve their health according to Watsons Marketing Director Vicki Encarnacion.

Watsons as we all know is initially known as a pharmacy and have developed and innovated the brand to be more holistic to include all kinds of personal and health need. This includes vitamins and other health supplements. 

"Aside from healthy diet and exercise, taking vitamins is also important. Vitamins bridges the nutrient gap people don’t get in their regular diet and lifestyle, and can help prevent illnesses.
There are different types of vitamins available and formulated to fulfill different nutritional needs. Some of them are:
  • Vitamin A for immunity, vision and healthy skin
  • Vitamin B complex for energy production 
  • Vitamin C for immunity and protection against diseases
  • Vitamin E for cell damage repair or prevention and for healthy skin.
At Watsons, there are different brands and products available to fulfill every individual’s nutritional needs depending on age, gender and preferred form – such as Enervon, Conzace, Ceelin, Revicon, Myra E, Centrum, Stresstabs, Berocca, Rogin E, Fern C and Watsons Generics."

Ever since I became a mom, the importance of Multivitamin supplement. I took iron and folic since becoming pregnant and a speically formulated pre-natal vitamins. Even now I purchase time and again Enervon Multivitamins.

I've made sure to include Vitamin E in daily supplement in take and I recently discovered the affordability of a Watsons Generic brand.

Now on to the fun part of learning how to make a mason jar cereal that you can prepare ahead of time. Chef Barni Alejandro told us that eating healthy is vital to keeping a fit body and the wonder of superfood like Chia Seeds that provide a good amount of the needed dietary fiber intake, rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium and omega 3. And that it tastes great!

What you need:
  • Majon Jar
  • Your preferred cereal
  • Bananas
  • Strawberry
  • Milk you like
  • (I prefer almond or coconut milk)
  • Chia Seeds
  • Honey to sweeten
  • Cocoa powder
  • Chocolate bars 
  • (because you deserve it!)

We also learned how to make salad jars, too. But to be honest I don't like my salad in a small container. I like them fresh and tossed in an open wide bowl. Hahaha! But I do get the convenience of it. So combine your favorite salad ingredients and keep it on the fridge so you ahve an instant snack you can munch on.

And who wouldn't get motivated if not for fitness buff/model Sam Ajdani giving us pointers on how to make use of daily household items as weights for working out?

But the event didn't end there, Watsons wants us to let you know that they are offering up to 20 percent off on select vitamins for select period of time in stores. And for its loyal members, Watsons is offering customers a chance to win trips to Bali, Guam or Sydney, or win an iPhone 7 or iPad for a min P500 single-receipt purchase of select vitamins and health products. Promo runs until June 28, 2017 and is exclusive to SM Advantage, SM Prestige, PRiMO and BDO Rewards Card holders. Promo is in partnership with Hutchgo.com and Philippine Airlines.

In fairness, I also like where the event was held. It was at Square One in BGC and it's a cool co-working space.

So whatcha waiting for, start eating healthy, choose stairs instead of the elevator for a change and make sure to include the best vitamins to bridge your nutrition gap. 

for more information visit www.watsonshealth.com.ph or www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH.

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