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Today let me start off the week with a collection that truly impressed me. It's the Cathy Doll Nude Me Liquid Lip Matte you've been seeing making rounds on social media the past few days. And it's for a good reason, this one was born to shine! From the packaging, to the shades and consistency and the price point of only P399 a pop! 

In a makeup world that is ruled by Kylies, Jeffree Stas and and most recently Contour Queen, #KKW, I really don't find myself buying a lot of of these makeup. I feel that we have way too many makeup brands waiting to be discovered and certainly worth my money. And my goal as always is to make sure you get yours with every post I make! 

And that is why I find it with utmost importance to steer you away from the marketing hype and show you that some products are better even without the great advertising spend. And that is why these babies right here on the blog today.

Let's start with the packaging. The chic pseudo lipstick tube already says that Cathy Doll went extra on making sure the collection exceeds its usually output. We loved the nude shade as it stands out from the blacks and silver tubes in my makeup stash.

I also love the wand. The flat sides of the wand delivers the product evenly on the lips. And it's a little flexible that helps control the pressure of the hands. 

On to the shades which I know ALL of you want to see.

All the shades are perfect for me. Everything dried down to perfect matte nude that goes well with almost any look.

01 True Brown - I'm so glad that I didn't waste my money on Kylie Lip Kit in True Brown K because I now own one in roughly the same shade, thanks to Cathy Doll. True Brown is a little cooler on the swatch but goes slightly warm on the lips. And no, it isn't patchy at all. šŸ’„9/10

02 Nude Brown - it is safe to assume that this will be part of the best-seller list. It's incredibly pigmented, not patchy and dries down a little darker which I love. šŸ’„ 10/10

03 Rose Embroidery - a crowd favorite during the launch. I love that it oxidized to that perfect cool plum nude almost similar to Dolce K. šŸ’„ 9/10

04 Rose Bloom - a bright pink peachy nude on first swipe but dries down to a warm peach nude that is just perfect for me! So perfect that I can wear it alone. šŸ’„ 9/10

07 Moss Ross - The pinkest of them all but it when it dries down and settles becomes the the ideal nude pink. I suggest trying it out first before discounting the bright. And yes, it is very similar to Candy KšŸ’„9/10

09 Burgundy Rose - if you've been wishing for a warm toned red that isn't shockingly bright but still able to accentuate your lips. then Burgundy Red is for you. Loove the terracota red vibe it gives me and I' sooo happy it isn't patchy and the color glides on really well even with just one swipe. šŸ’„šŸ”…šŸ”…šŸ”…šŸ”… 8/10

Depending on your lips and how your skin reacts to the formulation you will get almost the same swatch as I did. Most of us agree that Cathy Doll oxidizes more than the regular liquid lip matte we've tried but only to its advantage. The way it oxidizes allows for the shades to turn the nude and matte shade it's advertised to be.  

Consistency and formulation, I find them all uniform. All swatch beautifully with no patchiness. As expected it feels a bit drying on the lips but that's pretty common to all liquid matte in the same price range (some expensive ones are even more drying). It's not a pain to remove which is a plus for me. I may like my lips lasting but I don't want a long-term commitment to it that I waste too much makeup remover. It doesn't stain which for me is a good thing most days, some days though I like a little bit of tint left so I don't need to retouch a much. But since this collection is on the nude and natural side, I would hazard a guess that it's conscious decision not to add tint once the lippies are fade.

To summarize:

1. Great price! Only P399 each
2. Nice consistency
3. Not patchy at all
4. Lasts a while on the lips 
5. Does not leave stain on the lips
6. Easy to remvoe
7. Dries down to an ultra matte finish
8. True Nude shades
9. Great packaging
10. Great selection of colors

Can't wait to get my hands on the the last 3 shades!

Moss Rose | Rose Bloom | Rose Embroidery | Nude Brown
It's been a staple for Claud to join me in the swatch fest. These are the lightest shades on her fair skin.

True Brown | Nude Brown | Rose Embroidery | Rose Bloom | Moss Rose | Burgundy Red

On my lips right here is Rose Embroidery

If you want more FOTD, please check back to this post and this blog. I'll be adding the lip swatches as I wear them. As much as I want to do them in one go, I just find it unfair for my lips since matte are ultimately unforgiving textures no matter how much we love how good it looks on our lips.

Cathy Dolls Nude Me Liquid Lip Mattes are available in all malls in the metro (SM Megamall, Robinsonson Mall, Fisher Mall, etc.) and also available online via and Lazada.

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