Tickled by TICKLES SM North EDSA | #TBT to my childhood

My TICKLES visit got me in a rollercoaster ride of emotions. For most of us Pre-Milennials, Tickles holds a lot memories. I was from a small town girl from the province when my Manila-based and uber sosyal cousins brought me to Greenhills one Summer weekend. Our tita or grandmother would give us P500 each to spend for the whole day we were there so imagine how big my eyes got when we entered this store.

I remember rifling from through their racks, their containers for something that I could bring back home with me.
Is it the big stuffed bear, the door signs that would ward off my parents, a planner than would plan the rest of my life or a Cher furry pen that I'm sure would be the envy of my classmates? Deciding what to buy was enough to make a young child's head to explode!

And mine nearly came off when I visited the newest Tickles at SM North EDSA with Mikki. Not only did Tickles bring me back but so did the SM North EDSA itself! Most of my childhood was spent inside this mall with my mom. To see it again, the progress and renovation, tugs at my heartstring.

Located at the main mall of SM, you'll immediately see Tickles with its flashing lights from the entrance near EDSA. The familiar bold letter in yellow beckons you along with the array of colorful things you can glimpse from the outside. So novelty, so much to see.

Tickles is still the same old novelty stores that would make you say "Shut up and take my money!". They have all assortment of knicks and knacks you never know you would need. From bag organizers, fun pillows, coin banks, patches, mugs, etc. Prices start from as little as P50 to P4000. They have decors, from lighthouses to beautiful jewelry boxes. 

Before getting addicted to makeup, safe to say that Tickles was the place to be. And it sure looks like it considering the place was packed the time I went there.

As a mom with a child that's about to go to school, it was nice to know that they have nice school supplies section with affordable products. Planner-addict friends will love this space.

Mikki and I gushed over these coin banks. They are so cute!

The chests are for sale!!!

I nearly fell on the floor when I saw the hamburger notepad! I can't believe it still exists! I had this in highschool and it was the notepad to have then.

And what a joy to see these mini playing cards again. Has it been that loong since I last visited Tickles again? Looks like I need to visit them more. I do love that the store is bigger that the one in Greenebelt 1. 

So many things you can get at Tickles for all sorts of ocassion. I was inside and all I could think of is having a party with friends and getting them something from Tickles. We'd have a hoot talking about throwback memories over these cute things.

I mainly bought cute erasers and pencils to giveaway for Claud's birthday party at her Summer Class.

This pen collection is only P500. Because we can never have too many pens!

this boyfriend pillow got lots of laughs out of me and Mikki! Ang saya ko daw masyado sa photo na 'to. lol!

What a day it was! There's so many things to find at Tickles. I would definitely go back and bring Claud here next time. I'm sure we'll come out with a handful of goodies when she's the one shopping.

We'll probably need a bigger bag than this one. 😂😂

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