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I have always been drawn to gold accessories and accessories. Yellow gold looks beautiful against our exotic skin tone and it only makes us look brighter and fairer. But gold is not just accessories used aeathetically, gold has no much to offer!

Gold is highly precious metal with incredible strength and maleability, scientists found their solution in this precious metal. It is use in medicine, electronics and even aerospace. Due to its inherent strength and ability to transmit electrical charges, gold is seen in different objects including mobile phones and computers. It also serves well in orthodontics as gold is used in the making of dental crowns and fillings. Most recently, gold is also used in skincare!

Gold also plays a huge role in culture and traditions. In other coutries, like India, gold jewelry is deeply rooted in tradition. This is most especially evident during weddings where the bride is dripping in the precious metal made into different forms, from nose rings to hair ornaments.

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Aside from being a status symbol, gold jewelry is also linked to Hindu goddesses with a history dating to back to centuries ago, giving it religious value. It is the same in China, which happens to be one of the countries with the most gold reserves. Gold jewelry is often part of the dowry during weddings.

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In other cultures, gold jewelry may not be anchored on the same dogmatic traditions, but individual pieces would hold special value to individuals or families. Since it lasts for years and even decades, gold jewelry is passed down from one generation to another. Common between mothers and daughters, these heirloom pieces represent the life of the giver and serves as a reminder of that person’s relationship with the receiver. Among men in the gamily, gold watches serve the same purpose, which is why luxury brands have adopted this slant in their marketing campaigns. Like any antique piece, with its sentimental value and the interesting stories it represents, old jewelry may gain even more value over time.

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On the more practical side, gold jewelry holds great value in the world’s economies, making it a great form of investment. Since the value of gold continues to appreciate, even during economic unstability, gold jewelry is considered a major factor in wealth management. There were times when I was younger that my mother's jewelry collection has given us ways to survive. She was able to seell them and even make a profit.

From centuries before up to the present era, gold has held special value in economies, cultures and families. Whatever the motivation, obtaining gold jewelry has proven to be a wise gesture. Fortunately, there’s a variety of ways to acquire it these days. Locally, the best place for unique, reasonably priced jewelry is Just Jewels, which has 13 branches across the Philippines and an online shop. Aside from straight cash and credit card payment, other options include a layaway plan for jewelry payable in four or six months, gold trade-in to get jewelry in exchange for old gold items, and an installment program payable in six to 12 months.

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  1. Indeed, gold is just more than something ate Shen. It has a very deep historical background for many cultures. Wearing gold just gives you a boost of that high-end aura :)

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