EXPO MOM | On its 10TH YEAR! GO #TEAMMOM (May 5-7)

I became a mom with no idea of how to become one at all. I didn't have my mom with me nor a mother-in-law to help guide through the whole process. But what I can tell you now is that you will never be alone in this journey. Along the way you are carrying your child in your womb, you will slowly meet and be part of communities that will make you love being a mom. These communities will help you, encourage you and give you the strength to face the fears you have.

So if you feel like you're all alone in this journey, allow me to introduce you to Mommy Mundo's #TEAMMOM.

One of those communities for me is Mommy Mundo. I've known Janice Villanueva, the mommy brain behind Mommy Mundo, way back before I got pregnant. And ever since she has helped me grow into the mother that I am now. She's one of the best influences in my life and I try to attend every Expos that she has. From her Pre-School Fair that actually made me realize I have the option to home school Claud and helped me and my husband narrow down our choices of pre-schools. There's alsp Expo Kid that encouraged me to enroll my child to Summer School. Her Mommy Retreat also helped me emotionally (with matching crying and realization pa) to become a better mom during the times I was at my worst.

Like I said, her Expos and activitiees are a major influences in my life. But what realy started it all was attending her Expo Mom. And meeting all the Mommy Merchants who are as passionate as she is in helping other moms navigate in this new world and lifestyle. I can't begin to tell how much knowing these moms made me to do a better job with my child. They also provide as a constant inspiration that mommies can do it all!

Now on it's 10TH YEAR, Mommy Mundo's Expo MOm will pay tribute to #TEAMMOM that has helped all mothers along the way. There's Joy of Urban Essentials with her famous Wink ShapeWear, Paola of MommyTreats (the first Lactation treat in the country), Pie of The Nest - that's a one-stop-hub for all your mommy needs -, and Minnie, inventor of Snug-a-hug. There's many more but we'll run out of space.

They don't know it but they are part of my #TEAMMOM. I never really felt truly alone with them always there at a click of fnger or the fact that I see them during these Expos. Reading Mommy Mundo, meeting these ladies allowed me to be self-sufficient that I scarcely have to ask others for help. So if you are clueless as I was before, make sure to visit EXPO MOM on May 5-7 at the Glorietta Activity Center.

Schedules for Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro and Negros will be updated so stay tuned.

For now, I encourage you to join the Mommy Mundo EXPO MOM contest by sharing your own #TeamMOM story on your social media and get a chance to win an appliance showcase from Electrolux! Deadline is on November 2017 so that's a lot of time to gather up your TEAM!

Joy of Urban Essentials, Joy Sotto and Paola of Mommy Treats

I was only with these moms for a little while but the fun hours of wine and talks got me more motivated to be a great mom. You gotta have moms like these in your life. Thanks so much for being real, candid and welcoming!

Hope to see you at the EXPO MOM in Glorietta! Can't wait to check their new and exciting brands like the Mifold, Crcut , Mother's Touch, Miracle Blanket, and Bubba Doodles!


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