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There is always something that you can do. There's always an extra mile.

When you feel there's no other choice, believe me... there's always a choice. Another option. My years reviewing beauty products, subjecting my face to a lot of creams just means there is always (always!) something NEW that we can try!

For most of us, there is always Pond's. This brand has been taking care of Filipina skin for decades and it seems they are never running out of new products and improvements to offer us. They have recently monopolized the best faces in the showbiz industry so it goes to show how dedicated they are to reach out to more Filipinas.

So allow me to introduce The Pond's Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream with SF 18 PA++, Podn's White Beauty Spot-less Rosy White and Pond's Acne Clear AntiAcne Facial Foam. The changes they made only says that change is indeed beautiful!

At my 30's, premature aging is my main skin concern right now. I am noticing more of my fine lines and wrinkles. I recently talked to you about my invasive techniques to tackle this concern. But not everyone can afford botox and thread lift and not everyone thinks that it's even an option. Even laser procedures now can cost up to thousands! Not everyone has that kind of money. I've used Pond's a few times in the past but not much of Age Miracle line. Many of my good friends in the ebauty industry loves this! So I went ahead and tried it. 

The Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Cream shows promise with it's velvety texture. I love spreading this across my skin. The effect is primed looking skin. Immediately there is that tautness feel. Not really like a regular moisturizer. There's also that glow it gives me without the oiliness that regular mositurizer gives. The NEW Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector boasts of it's Retinol-C Complex ingredient. That means you get the power of Retinol and Vitaminc C that not only helps with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it also give the skin a healthier younger-looking glow.

I used this for 3 weeks, sparingly and it really boosted my skin's condition. It felt smoother and softer. I think I have to be religious in application to see significant difference on my wrinkles. But I do feel like my has the soft blurry feel. The lines aren't as visible as it used to.

You can't hind from pimples. So you definitely need a soap that pimple can't hide from as well. Pond's AcneClear AntiAcne with Thymo-T Essence that I've proven time and again to be gentle on the skin but tough on acne. If you're a teen or in your 20's, or even in her 30's like me who still get acne from time to time, keep this facial foam handy in your vanity kit. This is one of the nicest facial cleansers I've tried and it really helps with cleansing the skin. Thanks to the breakthrough ingredient Thymo-T complex that traps the bacteria and kills it! But still leaving the skin smooth and soft.

I used this in tandem with Pond's Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream.

Pond's Acne Clear AntiAcne Facial Foam 50g/100ml (P85/P155)

You'll love the refreshing feel of Pond's Acne Clear AntiAcne Facial Foam. It lathers well, provide a smooth cleansed feel and it dries up pimples especially if you use the Acne Clear spot corrector.

If even skin tone is what you are after, allow me to introduce Pond's White Beauty Spot-less Rosy White Day Cream. I'm a huge fan of this brand since I've tried several of the line already in the past. Though at my age I prefer Age Miracle, this Day Cream right here suits anyone looking for the flushed fair glowing skin. It has a major ingredient that is also in many expensive whitening creams, Vitamin B3+. Which is a potent ingredient in whitening the skin without stripping or drying.  

I can attest to the efficacy of this product based on my former experience with the same line and also with other brands thatn contain Vitamin B3. Right now though, I am leaning towards anti-aging products than whitening since my skin is at it's fairest.

I do feel though that I may be using this soon since a stubborn pimple may turn into a dark spot once it's popped!

Pond's White Beauty Spot-less Rosy White Day Cream 20g and 40g (P70/P120)

There's always a Pond's for everyone. Whether you're like me who is haunted by the faint lines around the corners of your eyes, pimples that can't stop showing up or an uneven skintone. These major skin concerns are easily solved by any Pond's products. You only have to grab one off the shelf!  Another great thing is that they are also availble online!

Visit or Zalora to start trying out Pond's!

If you want to try before you buy, you can always grab a sample off of

That's how I got mine that's why I got the full size because these babies work!

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